Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Only Acceptable Mullet

I spent weeks starting and stopping this post. It becomes inhibiting when you think too much, just as much as it does when you think too little. When I came across these photos via Vanessa Jackman I was immediately struck with happiness. It is as much the perfectly coutured outfit as it is a strong photo composition - the juxtiposition of the cold grey metal background and the soft pillow of rainbow colors, perfectly capturing the idea that clothing is or rather can be, Art. 
It should then be noted that this is all rather reliant upon a few subtle consistencies: details. The wide pleating of the thick green fabric of her dress, the bright layering of pom poms and the colors which are muted and repeated in her jacket, and at the jacket's hem, the widened slow ascendence into a mullet.
Here the trend is as it should be.

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