Sunday, July 29, 2012

Best of the Bunch

If a Hoarder hoards a hoard and a Collector collects a collection, then what does a Thrifter do?
It must be the best of the bunch.

Finding the perfect thrifted accessories among the exponentially growing thrifted selection for the
randomly "must-have" thrifted dress, is all the proof I need.

thrifted vintage dress $7; thrifted ring; thrifted flea market necklace

Monday, July 23, 2012

Style Pop Second

I met Sharon at Pitchfork while working the ReFindDefined booth. When I complimented her earrings she told me they were thrifted... 
!!! THRIFTED !!!

Poor girl. Little did she know upon hearing the word thrifted I would instantly become papparazzi. Photoshoot!! Lucky for me she was a natural model. When you have short hair, there's no way around showing off your earrings.

I loved the funky shape and the way the bright white popped against her skin.
 A great big smile doesn't hurt either!

Just when Sharon thought she could break away from the camera, leave it up to Redgi to make her unique style pop even more.

In just a second (or two) Sharon's look went 2.0 with a colorful thrifted vintage scarf as headwrap.

Consider this proof,
 thrift-style feels as good as it looks.
ReFindDefined Sheer Purple Pleated Pants

Style Pop Second w/ ReFindDefined

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Between Two Racks

I was lucky enough to spend my first Pitchfork between two racks full of reworked vintage clothing by my good friend and Stylist Redgi Woods, the creative force behind pop-up style ReFindDefined.
Redgi is a master at creating modern personal style with vintage clothing and accessories, bending the rules in all the right places. 

Redgie Me x Olga & Haley of Dirty Projectors x Grimes Claire Van Eijk (dancer) in ReFindDefined
Just before I left for Chicago I thrifted this black dress for under $5 at Salvation Army by "Earth Goddess" with a midriff cut-out and thigh-high slits up both sides, totally festival. I covered up with a  thrifted sleeveless jean jacket, thrifted purse, thrifted blue leopard scarf as headwrap, thrifted earrings, and newly thrifted belts from ReFindDefined.

Yes, even my shoes, thrifted.
100% thrifted = 100% happy

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beachy Keen

On a random trip to my favorite place, Salvation Army, I came across this lovely swimsuit.
Prancing reindeer, low-cut v-neck, bright saturated colors. What else could you ask for?
As they say...."The Best Things In Life Are Thrifted."
100% thrifted
 swimsuit;sunglasses, bangles, sun hat, clip-on earrings
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