Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Between Two Racks

I was lucky enough to spend my first Pitchfork between two racks full of reworked vintage clothing by my good friend and Stylist Redgi Woods, the creative force behind pop-up style ReFindDefined.
Redgi is a master at creating modern personal style with vintage clothing and accessories, bending the rules in all the right places. 

Redgie Me x Olga & Haley of Dirty Projectors x Grimes Claire Van Eijk (dancer) in ReFindDefined
Just before I left for Chicago I thrifted this black dress for under $5 at Salvation Army by "Earth Goddess" with a midriff cut-out and thigh-high slits up both sides, totally festival. I covered up with a  thrifted sleeveless jean jacket, thrifted purse, thrifted blue leopard scarf as headwrap, thrifted earrings, and newly thrifted belts from ReFindDefined.

Yes, even my shoes, thrifted.
100% thrifted = 100% happy

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  1. Absolutely LOVE your outfit! I need to sift through thrift stores WAY MORE OFTEN! (I'm usually just buying up all the jewelry.)


  2. Hi!! Thank you for the sweet comment:-)

    Jewelry is my favorite too!


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  4. great company, all look great and thrifted ,wow

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