Monday, March 12, 2012

Judy Does Neon

It's a hard knock life being a mannequin from the streets.
Beneath that stiff posture is a dancer waiting to break free I just know it.
Until that day comes, there is a much more literal form of colorful expression...

 DKNY Spring 2012 via
I thrifted this 100% silk fuschia shirtdress by Francesca of Damon at Goodwill.  The bright neon pink is complimented by navy blue collar and cuffs that can only be seen when left un-buttoned. It came with a matching silk belt that makes you feel like you're wearing a silk robe without looking completely unfinished.

Since my introduction to Fenton-Fallon Jewelry all I want to do is artfully pile on layers and layers of necklaces, so I paired this gifted silk chord choker from Thailand with a  thrifted multi-strand bead and wood necklace from Salvation Army.  I wasn't sure how much I loved this necklace until I saw it pop against this pink. Now I'm obsessed. Go figure!
Thrifted necklace; J.crew neon belt; Peter Som Spring 2012 via
If anything at all is evidenced by these photos it is this:
1. Mannequins have feelings
2. Why wear only one neon color when you can wear two?

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  1. Great combo! You are inspiring me to hit up my local Goodwill!

  2. Thanks Celina! I hope you do! Then send me pics.


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