Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Into the Swing of Things

By the title of this post you most likely expected that I am a) perfecting my trapeze routine b) signing up for dance lessons c) becoming a professional golfer. Fooled YOU Sally! The swing I'm referring to is the Swing Coat, a popular piece in the 40's-50's-60's a la Baby Boomers aka plenty o' pregnancy bumps.  Food babies real babies, whatever it is you want to hide, the swing coat gets a full nod from me, my insatiable apetite and my menstrual cycle, since by design it was meant to be oversized.

I thrifted this Grey Wool Ribbed Swing Coat at Salvation Army.  It doesn't have a label but by it's faded lining it is definitely a vintage piece. It's clean lines, neutral color, and structure are perfectly complimented by a subtle ribbed texture, which makes it stand out alone yet is understated enough as strong backdrop for layering and color.

Oh yeah, and I found this mannequin on the street and brought her home.
Her name is Judy. She's headless but smart enough to recognize Style.  She likes being naked just as much as she likes dressing up...which means we have more than a few things in common.  It's great having her around when I want to write a blog post but feel less than inclined to get out of my pj's.  Here's a few pictures of Judy doing her thang...ya know, posin'.

Armani Collezioni
Narcisco Rodriguez
Thrifted Wool Ribbed Swing Coat
Armani Collezioni via WWD; Narcisco Rodriguez via

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  1. on which piece do i feel more jealous? the amazing coat or darling judy?

  2. Haha @Wardrobeexperience - I have to say, they are both pretty great. Thanks!




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