Tuesday, November 29, 2011

70s - 80s - 90s

Took a weekend trip to Chicago to see one of my bestest buddies Chelsea who lives nowhere near the ocean but has the perfect kinky blonde beach waves and sunkissed skin.

Not only is she  a master wordsmith and one of the many creative elves behind the site E Drop-Off, she also happens to have a super rad tumblr See Lanvin chock full o' style inspiration you will never want to end. Oh and she can make a t-shirt and wedges look just as elegant as a sequin dress. 

Would I lie to you?

Since we both just so happen to be huge fans of shopping and it also happened to be Small Business Saturday, we decided to take a mini vintage tour and check out a few local boutiques to show our support.  Chelsea picked out this cozy striped knit hat at Kokorokoko - a vintage shop focused on their love of the 80's & 90's.  It felt like a living episode of a VH1 Greatest Hits show.

It wasn't until we headed to Very Best Vintage that I could "show my support" when I spotted this 70's floral bedroom peplum top.  I knew I had to take it home when it looked like I purposefully layered it over my Moschino inspired polka-dot and stripe collared shirt (here) trying it on outside the dressing room.  I love that I could easily transition it for night with the right black bra. Push-up of course.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Met my thrift-lover for another round of hardcore soul-shaking closet-making thrift loving.
Let's just call this love(her) Swan

I think these pictures can do all the talking but I'll leave you with this:  A wise woman once said, "I can live without money, but I cannot live without love." Touche (Judy Garland) touche. In this case love was a fur jacket in the most delicious shade of wine. So I brought love home.  

 thrifted bordeaux fur zipper-front jacket

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I've discovered my love of tassels extends beyond adorning shoes & belts. I was more than estatic when I thrifted these tassel clip-on earrings, which originally had a giant pearl in the middle but were just a little too long for my taste. A few DIYminutes later and voila, a thrifty take on the infamous LV Spring 2011 look!   And yes, I took this photo while at work. It's called multitasking!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Come To My Window

I can't keep my eye away from windowpane plaid.  Less prep, more pep!
...and as the thrift universe would have it, I found the perfect windowpane blazer for fall.
Pictures to come. In the meantime, "check" out these lovers below.
images via streetfsn & sartorialist

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pop-Up Style

Just a few weeks back I had the pleasure of co-hosting Mischief & Thrift: A Thrifty Vintage Pop-Up with the fabulous seamstress, designer, and vintage collector Kim Hurley of Proper Etiquette and her daughter Brianna, my dotty spotty friend.  Kim refers to her collection Proper Etiquette as Modern-Vintage since many of her pieces can mix-in easily as modern day trends.  No wonder we get along.

With a keen eye for collecting vintage style Kim can find the gem in everything. She creates custom one-of-a-kind jackets by recycling vintage pieces into modern-vintage "Upcyling Couture."  When Kim asked what kind of jacket I'd like I never imagined the outcome would be this. A mash-up of black raffia, velvet, rhinestones, and pearls. A little Michael Jackson. A little bit more Chanel. Et voilĂ ! A crazy little thing called LOVE.

100% thrifted
And since Friends Don't Let Friends Thrift Alone and
Friends Don't Let Friends {Wear} Thrift Alone

I give you my friends. Wearing thrifted clothing. While I was in the other room, thrifting. Duh!

Event pictures and more on the StyleSpotRun Facebook Page. Check it out. Just Do It.

Photography by Jason Miller
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