Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween Weekend was the most epic time this year.  I remained in full costume for three straight days and got so comfortable that sometimes I forgot I was wearing really creepy clown makeup.  I thrifted this all-white jumper because it reminded me of a look from The Row Spring 2012 collection ... but when I put it on The Joker in me came out. 


And of course by random I came across a fleet of Gotham SWAT cars...
Oh New York. You never fail me.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Copy Cat

thrifted this silk crepe tiger print dress by John Mulqueen at Salvation Army on family day. Whenever I thrift a designer or label I don't know I love to investigate it's backstory - basically, did I just score an original historical treasure that I can sell for millions on ebay?  Not quite. According to this People Magazine article from 1981 it turns out John Mulqueen was merely a 'copy cat' that would pump out designer collections for a fraction of the price to department stores.  There was no shame in his game and John Mulqueen or "Fast Jack" made a fortune copying designers from Yves Saint Laurent to Armani. WHO KNEW!? Now we both do.

It didn't hit me until I was getting dressed that I had the perfect matching bag. Not just perfect, identical tiger print.  My mom thrifted this Sondra Roberts tiger print tote from Goodwill months ago and like a caring giving mother would do she sent it to me in the mail instead of keeping it for herself.  This is how I know that I am not yet ready for motherhood. Alright, this is not the only reason, but you get the point.

Oh yea, I'm really in love with my new glasses. I got them from the street and they make me feel sophisticated/allow me to snort-laugh without being questioned. Anyone who wears glasses automatically gets to snort-laugh without being questioned. You didn't know? I actually do need glasses but after wearing "coke-bottles"  through my youth I opt for extra strength contacts and non-perscription frames, i.e. Clark Kent.

dress - thrifted; tote - thrifted; shoes - thrifted; jacket - ebay; ring/bracelets - thrifted

Photos by Jason Miller

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chain Reaction

Gifted thrifted gold chain necklace and thrifted silver chain earrings.
Get your chain on.
In-Style November 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

I am fortunate to know a myriad of talented skilled creative folks, amongst them wonderful photographers. This weekend I met up with my wonderful photographer friend Mario for some photoshoot fun. I told him that my outfit was something similar to a Mod Kermit The Frog meets FlasherHe agreed to meet me anyways.

I thrifted this dress for $7.99 at Salvation Army and immediately knew it had to be mine.  Clown like ruffles, super mini length, in the perfect emerald green. You've seen this red box clutch purse before (here) but this is my first time wearing my thrifted red lip sunglasses. I'm pretty sure they are from some party supply store. Who cares! How fun is it to have The Perfect Red Lip no lipstick required?

Since I like to have a little class with my sass I threw on these super sheer tights from Forever 21.  The ankle boots are thrifted Franco Sarto The Artist's Collection and have become my go-to shoe. They may not stand out in a crowd but they are complete comfort with practical easy style. Every girl should own a shoe like that.

Photographs by Mario I. Espinoza. Check out his Tumblr, do it you!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top Toppers

I love a good Top Topper or "necklace" as some people call it these days...and by some people I mean everyone else but me... Potatoes, Potatas.  These are a few new thrifted additions to my jewelry collection. The hammered collar is from Goodwill and the other three necklaces I picked up in one haul from Salvation Army on family day.  There's nothing that finishes off a top-notch thrifted outfit like a top-notch thrifted necklace.  Right? Oh, and the bottom right necklace is reversable, as if it wasn't cool enough!

$1.99 each

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lady Baba

Meet the other two-syllable lady of original style - my current style muse and thriftspiration -
Lady Baba, formally known as Catherine Baba.

Money Can't Buy You Style

Do you love her or do you love her? Love her!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Dots Little Dots Part 2

After so much success with our sartorial thrifty polka dot glamour photo-shoot...we couldn't resist a little bit of editorial fun.  Oh you didn't see it?  It's just the post below this one, so scroll down (or click here you lazy oaf).  Luckily, Brianna just happened to have a handy traveling multi-color bowling set in her suitcase, which was exactly the pop of color we needed for our black-and-white affair. Everyone has a multi-color traveling bowling set lying around right? ....Everyone? 

Pics by me. These were just a few of my favorite shots.

There's more on the Style.Spot.Run. Facebook page.

You know you want to see more!
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