Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pleated Punch

Even though summer is almost over, Im still loving this look from the Chloe SS2011 collection

So I couldn't help but drool when I found a neutral pleated skirt just like the one above.  It is the perfect length and neutral color to punch up with fall hues and layers.  I'll be wearing mine with a slightly slouchy sweater, ankle tights, and some easy to thrift loafers inspired by this JCREW Fall 2011 look.

For now while the warm weather holds out I'll stick to summer brights, like one of my favorite combos from this season NEON + NEUTRAL - specifically this bubblegum pink and nude combo with a splash of babyblue and coral.   

I wonder what happens if I do this...

hehehe...and when it gets too hot, I'll just hike it up in the front like a classy girl would do...

How far up is too far?


Everything I have on was thrifted except for the shoes, which are LOFT wedges gifted by one of my best girlriends. The tunic top is silk and by Topshop,  the skirt is vintage consignment, and the silver choker has no label.

I realise it's kind of weird to see my ears so close-up with no earrings on. It makes me want to put some on and retake the picture.  Do you ever forget to wear earrings?

Photos by Ronnie From My Eye To Yours

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Not Me, It's You

I know what this sounds like by the title....another Dear John letter, OH NO! Don't worry - we are not breaking up. I will never break up with you. This is a committed relationship. If you're in, I'm in. Heck, I'm in it for the long haul! Well, I'm in it even if you're not in it, but that's besides the point... 

This is just my well thought-out segue to tell you that in this stranger-to-stranger relationship I want it to be about YOU too. Sure, I may have taken over these blog posts with giant close-ups of my face (here), my tight sexy butt (here), and my ultra pearly whites (here) but we won't let that stop your sun from shining stranger!  Heey now. So today's blog post is dedicated to some other stranger's assets. No really, she was a complete stranger until about one email ago.  Now I say that officially makes us more than strangers - strangerbuddies?

 Check her out my strangerbuddy NAJLA

When I first met Najla I said, "Hey! I like you're top, where'd you get it?" and she said "It's thrifted." And then I peed my pants was so happy I wanted a cookie.  Who am I kidding I always want a cookie. I would have even bought one for my new strangerbuddy Najla because she was so honest. You know how that goes, you ask someone where they got something and they say "Oh this? I'm not sure" - yea yea yea you just got it yesterday. Anywho! 

Well Najla's story is more special than that. She said it was purchased by her mother from a thrift store called Unique in Northern Virginia (they're online here). She styled the top with turquoise Joe's Jeans and rope sandals she bought from Nordstrom Rack. She also said her mother and her love thrift shopping and it happens to be one of their favorite pass times. Its how they bond!  AHEM SHALL WE DO SOME BONDING DEAREST MOTHER?!  I know you're reading this.

I loved the top for many reasons - it's part thriftgenius DIY because why let those cool giant scarves (you've racked up but never wear) (and refuse to donate) go to waste?  It combines multiple patterns into one shirt - style DO.  It's so light and covers your body like a snuggie for summer....OOO SUMMER SNUGGIE! Summer snuggie was trademarked here.  It's one of a kind and the obvious #1 reason it rocks -  it gives you bat wings so you feel like you can fly.

Najla is a current fashion design student studying at Parsons the New School for Design.


Want to be strangerbuddies too? Naturally let's consummate our relationship ON FACEBOOK

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Me, Myself, and {Hurricane} Irene

Who do you think is more prepared for Hurricane Irene...

<---ME or HIM??--->
Photo Via J. Baptista
You chose him didn't you...

Was it his natural lime-green beard growing peacock feathers?
Classic strand of pearls?
Multi-colored ruffles and major arm party? 
He has obvious unfair advantages.

Ok now then, who looks more hypnotized by Hurricane Irene dopplers...

<---ME or HER??--->

ahahaha I WIN! I WIN!! I WIN!!!

and now with some mild photoshop skills and a $2.99 DII striped cami, you can see my genius Stella McCartney Resort 2012 collection interpretation...

thrifted top; thrifted tropical skirt; thrifted flatforms
Stella McCartney Resort 2012 via Style.com
Photos by Ronnie From My Eye To Yours

I hope everyone is safe and ready for the storm if you are in NY. 
Stay safe, be smart, and much love to you and yours!

I put more Resort 2012 island inspiration on the Facebook Fan Page.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never Forget Your Accents

Last week I posted on My Facebook that I was wearing a gold metallic lame skirt and one of my genius jokester brothers quickly responded...

"Lame or Lamé?" 

Well played brother bear, well played.

Except we both know that anything that is described with the words gold and metallic in the same sentence automatically outrules the possibility of being lame!! At least in my book...no? Because when you teeter on the lines of highly offensive, totally nutty, or a little bit gaudy you also automatically deserve a gold star. See! I did it again....silver star is not nearly as exciting as GOLD star. Umm...nevermind.

Here I am playing with my shiny distracting thrifted jet black beaded chain strap purse (last seen here) (I told you it doesn't take much people). The thrifted open-toe lattice stud shoes were practically brand new.  They look fancy huh?  Maybe it's because I'm in the dark.  I've been told I look good in the dark.  Wait a minute...on second thought...that might not have been a compliment!!!

I also like to wear this skirt during the day with a sheer gauzy white long sleeve top and sandals.  Can you imagine this skirt under the sun? You can't run, you can't hide, you can't be late for work....they'll know that was you they saw running down the sidewalk frantically holding down your skirt as the breeze catches its billowing fabric and the sun blinds your eyes and next thing you know you knock over your boss... WHAT! It could happen.
On the other hand,  if you are going to choose to wear gold metallic LAMÉ you better own it and run with it, figuratively speaking, unless of course you are late to work then run, but be sure to wear sunglasses.

thrifted skirt, thrifted shoes, thrifted bracelet, gifted pretzel ring, thrifted diamond ring, thrifted beaded purse.

-All photos by Ronnie From My Eye To Yours-

Monday, August 22, 2011

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Happy Monday Everyone!!  Are you wearing something that makes you happy?  This is my go-to happy dress. I thrifted it at the Greenstreet Flea Market on the Upper West Side a year ago for $5.  It was calf-length with barely a waistline but I loved that it had the prettiest little swallow bird print that reminded me of the infamous Miu Miu Spring 2010 collection meets a field of sunflowers. 

I enlisted the help of my trusty tailor to shorten the hemline, replace the buttons, cinch the waist, and add pockets because pockets make everything better and everyone happier. Promise -just ask Napolean Dynomite. I believe this would have been called a "tea dress" had I not cropped it to such a sassy length but I don't care, I am a rebel, I am a modern lady, and I will drink tea in this dress anways!! TAKE THAT.

I took pictures in the usaul spot but somehow this time the lighting reminded me of the hospital ward in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.  Also I felt really clever with this title because there are a bunch of bird's flying all over my dress.  It was that and the fact that Jack Nicholson and I make similar facial expressions (just another one of my many talents).

I'm slowly but surely introducing deep rich fall colors into my wardrobe as the seasons transition.  Right now I'm loving deep burgundy and didn't realise that I had matched my mails (Mascarade Belle by Essie) to my lipstick (Va Va Violet by Revlon) and my shoes (thrifted Calvin Klein Parma). These shoes are so comfortable I will be wearing them all fall with bold tights. I completely support you buying them at full price - but don't mind if I do love that they're thrifted.

thrifted flea market dress; thrifted slip; thrifted Calvin Klein shoes; thrifted bracelets; thrifted necklace; H&amp;M sunnies

Friday, August 19, 2011


I can't stop wearing this thrifted gold metallic skirt.  Day or night. Day or night. Day or ....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pastel Parfait

My shopping partner in crime Lilo scored these pastel pink pants at Salvation Army on one of our thrifting dates.  Unfortunately and fortunately for the both of us we have similar taste, so when I asked to borrow them she knew they weren't coming back. He he he.  They've only been worn once with my infamous leopard blouse which subsequently left me looking like I belonged in a Florida retirement community clubhouse.  I think I won't do that again. On a side note I am not denying the possibility of that clubhouse in particular being a lifetime of fun...

I'm especially loving the short-sleeve over long-sleeve look that's been popping up.  It reminds me of baseball shirts and frat boys, or are those one in the same?  I thrifted this mint green hospital v-neck  because I loved the color but really had no idea how I was going to make it look modern. Then when I saw this Celine PreFall 2011 look a light went DING! and voila - now I look unapologetically like Easter Sunday. Otherwise I prefer to believe I'm saluting the brilliance of the Alberta Ferretti Philosopy 2011 Fall collection.

I like most that the color pallette is at odds with the traditional Fall colors.  Puts a little Spring in your step ... ba dum ching.  The sky blue button-up is thrifted J.Crew, the white woven heels are thrifted vintage Van Eli's, the black belt is thrifted Donna Katz, and the clutch is thrifted vintage eelskin.  What do you think - pastels for fall? Yay? Nay? Rarr.

   Shoop!   Images via Style.com and From My Eye To Yours  Shoop!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Camp Mother x Tour Guide - Day 3

Sometimes the city can suck up all of your energy so on we went to BK baby!  We started our day at the Greenstreet market in Union Square for some pigeon and people watching before we made our first big stop at the Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea. Naturally we needed to fuel up with pie yummm at Four &Twenty Blackbirds followed by a leisurely walk through the Botanic Gardens. Lucky for us it was First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum which was just enough excitement before we stuffed ourselves silly at Boca Chica in the L.E.S.  I think I see a pattern here...activity/eat, activity/eat....

I wore a thrifted silk turquoise dress, thrifted woven belt, thrifted gladiator sandals, and thrifted bracelets.  My aunt gave me this pretty colorful necklace and matching earrings made from Tagua Nut (which is basically vegetable ivory) found in South American Countries. Thanks Aunt Anne! I layered it with a turquoise spike necklace just because I wasn't colorful enough.

I stole some of these pictures from my aunt and mom who get just as excited as I do about pigeons and bees as we do flea markets and food. Is it just me or does all this pigeon need is a top hat and a cane and it wouldn't be unusual? Yup...probably just me.

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