Saturday, July 30, 2011

Set Fire To The Rain

I'm starting to hang things around my room for display.  It's insane how much more you appreciate what you have when you put it on display.  I give each piece some time before I put it away or before I see it so much the subliminal wear-me-now messages work on my brain.  When I woke up this morning I loved how the light was showing off the black lace detail on my first piece of thrifted lingerie. I told you I'll thrift pretty much anything. Secret: I also have a hard time saying no to lace.

On my way home from work I got caught in a heavy rainstorm wearing my thrifty TIY Tailor It (for) Yourself gold lame skirt. {I will understand if the use of TIY does not catch on} and oh yea {my mom thrifted this skirt and I stole it}. After hanging out under a canopy for 2 minutes I got over it and realised WHAT THE HEY IT'S RAIN NOT ACID and I walked right into the downpour. UGH YEA BEST.IDEA.EVER.  I felt like a 8 year old with a giant stash of Pixy Stix.  Everyone I passed hiding from the storm looked at me like I was CRAZY. I just laughed and smiled uncontrollably and gave them more evidence to believe.  They'll never know.

 thrifted romper lingerie
thrifted gold lame skirt x white gauze shirt x gifted black silk tank x Target bra

Friday, July 29, 2011

Let's Talk About ___ Baby

Let's talk about...

True Blood? Love? Constipation? Motivation? Twitter?


I knew you were hopin that's what was "fillin' in the blank."  How do you feel now? Are you ready to talk about this?  We can start off with the fact that I have a rope around my neck. It's not just any rope, it's dark blue and twisted and say wha! It's thrifted.  I found this Yigal Azrouel Printed Dress last summer. The neckline reminds me of a look from Vena Cava's Spring 2011 collection.

Maybe not the coloring and pattern so much but it's all about the STYLE.  You get what I'm sayin? 

Here's another halter look by Donna Karan from her Spring 2011 Collection.

So far this summer this has been one of my favorite daytime to nighttime dresses that doesn't need much other than a change of shoes and a few key accessories...AHEM like these sweet blue drop earrings that had been sitting broken in my drawer for years until my lovely friend NINA P. kindly re-hooked and re-purposed and re-birthed? them back to life.  Thanks NINA P, you rock!

Here's a few pictures of me sitting, putting my hands on my hips, and trying to inconspicuously air out my pits because this humidity can stop even the best deoderant from working properly. That and I have a sweaty pits. Sorry, was that Too Much Info?

Bracelet x Ring x Navy Clutch (Made in Italy) = THRIFTED. Do I really have to say it anymore?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm Melting

It's so hot out so I ate this...

and it coordinated well with my thrifted skirt! By accident of course ;-)

100% cotton thrifted skirt - made in Sri Lanka

Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm A Project Chick

I tend to discourage thrift shopping that involves a lot of projects - it can be costly unless you know how to DIY, otherwise you better LOVE IT!  So when it's something small like a heel replacement or an easy hem, I'm all over it like a bear out of hibernation. Don't ask. 

I got this Genuine Lucite bracelet for $1.99 at Salvation Army. It's barely being held together by one strung-out elastic strand {ba-dum ching!} but I loved it's deep jewel tones and alternating right triangles, a very new-age take on Wilma Flinstone.  For the price of new elastic and about 15 minutes of my time I'd say this is an accessory worth investing some ThriftyLovingCare.

Thrifted "Genuine Lucite" Bracelet

Accordion to the Pleat

I love the idea of mixing high with low or shiny with matte or light with dark or fancy with casual or thrift with thrift; these all would definitely be on Martha Stewart's "Good Things" list. {By the way nosey, the answer is YES, I watched Martha Stewart and read her magazine and bought her expensive glitter and admire her holiday crafts} So this is the Exhibit A of all of those Good Things rolled into a giant Good Things Cookie Dough Shake. Who doesn't like Good Things happening that involve cookies or shakes?!

I snatched up this jewel tone accordion pleated skirt initially because I gravitate towards anything bright and shiny. It doesn't take much I'll tell ya.  It has no label which gives it extra points in my book and stretches easily at the waist band.  This is convenient because it was too hot to wear as a maxi skirt so I thought like a genius and wore it as a strapless dress and was happy to know it stretched enough to accommodate my large gigantic boobs.  Trust me, in this NY heatwave all you want to do is feel a breeze anywhere and everywhere.

I painted my index finger in a gold glitter and the rest of my nails are a light lilac with a slight hint of gray.  I can't believe how well that color goes with everything! The jean vest is thrifted you saw it before here and the giant tassel belt here and the honky-tonk wedges here and the silver stud cuff here and the crystal prism necklace here - in fact, it's 100% thrifted except for the Tod's purse and you've pretty much seen it all before but I love using and re-using until I'm sick of it.  I do apologize for the odd placement of my pink 80s/90s (?) brooch.

Elle UK x Stockholm Streetstyle x All The Pretty Birds x S.S.R. 100% Thrifted 
Thanks Ronnie! From My Eye To Yours

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Twist Of Thrifty Fate

Exactly one month ago I took a little road-trip off the beaten path to Goodwill (alright so I knew where I was going) and I found too many good things!  You may recall I posted about this perfect fitting DVF dress that I wore to a glamorous 60th wedding annivesary  party for my style confidant Lynn Dell and husband Sandy. 

That very same day I came across some bold snake-print pants by Guess but had to dwindle down my pile and decided against them.  Back they went into the wild racks of pants but ever since that day I couldn't get them out of my mind. Not that I need another thing in my closet but RED + SNAKESKIN + PANTS --- you do the math.

Well as the thrift-universe would have it and mostly because mostly no one else fantasizes about red snakeskin pants, after falling asleep on the train today and being jolted awake at the exact stop you need to access Goodwill - a twist of thrifty fate brought us together again. There they were nestled snugly in the wild racks.  Why did no one adopt you pants? I think you deserve a loving home and for $9.99 I'd be happy to take you with me. 

Are you ready for the icing on the cake? With just enough Club Goodwill points they ended up costing me nothing! Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nothing!  I even took a picture of the receipt so you can see what fate looks like. And they say adoption is expensive! Pshaw.

Zara Spring 2011 x Thrifted Guess Snakeskin Pants x Goodwill receipt

Friday, July 22, 2011

Forgotten Archives

I couldn't help but share another photo from my forgotten archives.  This is from the same photoshoot where I photographed the woven Guatemalan belt (here) and the woven bucket bag (here) - we captured so many great moments from that day.  

These are one of my early pairs of thrifted shoes, in MINT condition! They are by a brand called Pikolinos and are some of the most comfortable gladiator sandals I have ever owned.  You can still see $7.99 written on the bottom in silver permanent marker.  They have a similar style available called "Paris" and for the comfort meets style meets quality these shoes are definitely worth their original price point.

I love a lot of things about this photo - the lines of the cement, the texture of the cement, the squished berries, the color, and the fingers peeking into the photo just enough to make you wonder why they are there.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Euro Honky-tonk

Here's a snapshot from my latest collaboration photo-shoot. I put it on the STYLE.SPOT.RUN. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.  You should join!! We can be real Facebook Friends For Life.  Virtual BFFs!  I will totally get you a virtual friendship ring and we can totally virtual high-five all day long.  If that's not incentive enough I don't know what is.  

Remember these shoes? I got them back in May when I found my orange patent heels! I love them. They are so Euro Honky-tonk! That's a style, right?  It's a combination of my two favorite trends - clogs and platform wedges rolled into one random shoe.  RANDOM. Then again, such is life.

Thrifted Cledges; Thrifted Jean Vest; Pleated Skirt and Belt from Re-runs consignment sale

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Zoom In

Thrifting means discovering means learning means you're smarter.


So let's go along with this theory because that means I am really really really really smart and I get super smart about once a week and I am the smartest when it's 50% off Salvation Army Family Day. OH WAIT. THAT'S TODAY!


I found this beautiful woven belt and snapped this picture last summer when one of my bestyfriends wore it here.  The belt is stamped MADE IN GUATEMALA and it quickly has become one of my favorite summer accessories. I am sure you can see why - rich beautiful colors, intricate detail, and mixed patterns -triple score! Guatemala is known for their Backstrap Weaving Technique tradition and each town has their unique style. I actually found two of these belts that same day but I have yet to snap a picture of the second. I promise I will so you can see the difference in technique and pattern. Each creation is so unique!

In my research on this belt I found a great website called GlobalGiving where you can donate money to help Support Guatemala Weaving Culture - name your price....


Style.Spot.Run Thrifted Belt; Jim Buell Photogprahy; Ann Hecht Book

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Little Things

Could this week get any better? You can listen to the whole new Little Dragon record Ritual Union on NPR for FREE and WHAT'S THIS?? Thanks to my dear sassy coworker I was featured in Persephone Magazine's article "Ladyblogs You Should Be Reading"!!!  You hear that gentlemen? I am a LADY!! I am, I am, I swear I am.  

CONGRATS-A-Million to you for currently reading the ladyblog you should be reading and THANKS-A-Million for the feature Coco Papsy.

Oh, and here's her Ladytumblr You Should Be Reading --> Coco Think She Fancy.



~ Just another day in the life! ~

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Read Between The Lines

Did you hear about that monkey who stole a wildlife photographers camera and took pictures of himself?  Yea, it happened, and I think we might be soulmates.   In other news I scored this sweet 100% wool - Made in Italy - striped coat.  I actually thrifted this in the fall along with some equally sweet Miu Miu rainboots that you will be seeing soon I'm sure. I wear this coat everywhere and anywhere because it posesses two of my favorite everyday qualities: cozy and shapeless

While I certainly cannot do justice to the Prada Spring 2011 collection of monkeys and bananas on top of baroque swirls, I CAN throw some muted stripes on top of muted stripes and add a dash of neon -that counts for something doesn't it?  The dress is a vintage find that I recently thrifted from Salvation Army. It is actually a bit too big for me. Perfect, me thinks. I can eat more cookies! 

I've been practicing this austere slightly ticked-off look for quite some time now.  You can see how serious I am here, here, and here. I think it really adds drama to the whole interpreting Prada style business.  It's a tough job but someone has to do it right.  I borrowed these Striped Kitten heels from my good friend Lilo. I like to borrow lots of things from her because she has lots of good things. Thanks lilo.  I mentioned before (here) that I was so happy with my last photoshoot and this is no exception. Who doesn't love mimicking stairs with stripes while stiffly walking down the stairs they're mimicking? And he captured it all so elegantly.

thrifted dress; thrifted coat; thrifted clutches; borrowed shoes

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love Will Find You, Love Will Find Me

Is it unrealistic that I plan my date outfits before the date actually happens? (See: Thematic Repelling) Or how about planning the date where I will wear the outfit before I even meet the guy who asks me out on the date. Don't tell me you're thoughts right now.  I just happen to understand how the celebrity dating life works and it ain't no easy life if you know what I'm sayin? Actually, nevermind, I'm not sure I know what I'm saying. I just decided to let myself keep typing without editing. [Dumb idea #1]

Long story short I thrifted this sweet little white DVF number for $7.99 (see the first one here).  If you stare hard enough at the picture below you can see the blue tag stapled on the left hand corner of the dress.  If you are really genius you can see that's a backwords seven for seven ninety-nine.  BAM! In your semi-fancy-dress-face. I love this dress because the white makes my permanent tan seem more tan and the front pockets are perfect for stuffing palmfuls of candy or fresh baked tater tots.

If I were to invent an entire date scenario where this outfit would come into play it might involve being picked up in an air-balloon with a delicious picnic that we eat while we make our way to Coney Island for a giant stick of cotton candy and a combative game of ball toss where I win an oversized Monkey and he's a little jealous so we end in a long enticing makeout session with a ladylike bear-hug. But since I wouldn't be as weird to invent a fantastical date to Coney Island, I will just wear this sweet white summer dress to work and whip out the thrifted cardigan at night when I go meet my friends for a classy beer at happy-hour.

What's your favorite first-date outfit?

Thrifted DVF Dress; Thrifted Cardigan; Thrifted Banana Republic Wedges

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