Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dots & Spots

I know this outfit is SO "2010" of me, and I'm not trying to make excuses for my occasional untrendliness, but sometimes trends make their way into my life and they happen to be out of sync with the fashion world's everybody buy-this-exact-thing-now-by-this-exact-designer or you-will-look-SO-passe calender.  Sometimes I feel like shouting SCREW YOU FASHION! I'll be over here hanging out with your old friend STYLE who doesn't mind when or how I show up (see also Advanced Style, Style.com, StyleList, Style Bubble).

Whatever the case may be, in my humble and reserved opinion (sarcasm entered at humble, ended at opinion) when you employ the use of leopard print in any outfit you deserve a enthusiastic hoorah and a refill on your dirty dirty martini.  I was told you like it really dirtyYour martinis that is, dirty bird.  A hoorah is particularly deserved when leopard print is skillfully mixed with POLKA DOTS in the form of a SHEER PLEATED MAXI SKIRT (pleated and dotted are SO "2011"  BY THE WAY).  I tell no lies.  Lies, do I tell?

The thrifted sheer polka dot skirt is by LA CITY PARIS and was $4.99 at Salvation Army.  Unfortunately for you I am concealing my birthday suit underneath with a thrifted black slip.  The Roger Vivier inspired heels are BCBGirls that were practically free and in perfect condition on consignment.  The clutch you've seen (here), the chain link bracelet was gifted, and my staple rings were thrifted too, duh! Did I leave anything out? Are you sick of this leopard shirt?  The answer to both of my rhetorical questions is NO, in case you really must know the correct response.

Hope you don't mind my sassy tone this time around. I promise to try and be less sassy in my next post but it ain't my fault. The leopard print is making me do it! 

Cocktail anyone?

Friday, May 20, 2011

[Earning My] Chevron Stripes

On the greatest day of the year, My Birthday May 4th, it only makes sense that an indelibly iconic collaboration between one of my favorite hangout spots Tar-jey [see also: Target] and the world's designer inspirations and Italian luxury brand Missoni, would announce their lovechild collection Missoni for Target available in September.  Coincidence?! Hardly.

I thrifted this Missoni-like skirt during my giant Salvation Army haul (here) and have been pondering ways to work it into my wardrobe.  It mimics the popular Missoni chevron stripes - which is basically a fancy way of describing a repeating "V" pattern - into which they are known for weaving several colors.  Since it's too big for me to wear as a skirt I decided to try it out as a strapless dress below. I tried to give it some shape by cinching the waist with the second addition to my slowly growing thrifted tassel-belt collection, a mix of neon and metallic chord; the first was a giant magenta tassel belt (here).

To pay homage to the many looks of Missoni from seasons past and present I incorporated this thrifted light blue lace jacket by Poleci and thrifted jean vest that reminds me of their dusty blue pale looks from the Spring 2010 mens and womenswear collections, and a thrifted brightly dyed woven raffia purse by Bequizo International that could fit right in with the bold neon brights from Spring 2011.  The thrifted rings are my everyday staples and the shoes are Tods's.


All other images by Ronnie of From My Eye to Yours

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chunky Platforms + Orange Patent

I've been a bad bad girl...

but a very good bad girl! Comparitively speaking. Total: $18
KG by Kurt Geiger x Refinery 29 May 3rd + thrifted Tommy Hilfiger x thrifted Stellablu

Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrifted & Gifted: Persimmon Orange + Marc White Palazzo

The only thing better than thrifted is gifted. You can quote me on that and put it on Wikiquote. No really, you can, anyone can edit. It doesn't take me to tell you that the best things in life are free (or close to it) especially when those things are cookies, clothing, or hugs. In that order; Cookie Is Life.

I was gifted this bright orange button-up and kept it as an outfit challenge.  I don't know why it seemed so impossible, maybe it was the color at the time, or maybe the button-up sparked my sercret fear of dressing too seriously.  I take that comment back - power suits do wonders for your ambition.  Speaking of serious dressing check out that faux-bakelite mint colored giant bead necklace I'm wearing, gifted to me by my lovely momma. It makes anyone who wears it look instantly creative. Don't you agree?
Since you've already seen my platform clog booties a million times over (here and here) and that leopard belt once before (here), I should tell you about the white cropped palazzo pants I spotted at the Salvation Army for $4.99.  They are United Colors of Benetton and stuck out like a sore thumb amongst a sea of fleece pajama pants and carpenter jeans. I love them and will wear them only when I eat vanilla cones all day.  The Tod's bag was gifted and it's the perfect neutral to go with all of my Spring brights.  I love classic pieces.  The bracelets are from my pseudo-sisters.  I wear them together just like this all of the time because I think it looks pretty.  The ring is thrifted because well, it wasn't gifted, and that's today's outfit post theme.

All photos by Ronnie of From My Eye to Yours
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