Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Sneak Preview of my next outfit post.

Let your imagination run wild.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Big Deal Big Shot

Met the owner of the company today. Big deal - big shot! He was supposed to show up yesterday when I wore the perfect outfit I had planned for his arrival - a sheer pleated polka dot maxi and leopard print top - all thrifted of course.  As big shots often must, plans changed.  OH WELL, I decided to throw him for a loop and wear my newly thrifted teal pleated peasant dress. BAM! POW! BOOM!

I spotted this dress at an unplanned Goodwill shopping trip with my lovely friend Maya.  Matter of fact, we thrifted three dresses that day. One for her, two for me.  I wore it with nude strappy heels and my trusty thrifted leopard print calf-hair belt (last seen here) and angela caputti tortoise drop earrings (here) - plus my new favorite orange lipstick from the dollar store.  Jeepers I love the dollar store.

Hey you, I LOVE YOU,  and people that love each other get excited when the other thrifts a new dress. So, check out my crappy cell phone pic below with strategically placed comic stamps to block out any unsightliness in my room.  

Do you wear teal?
Do you shop at Goodwill?
Do you like my choice?
 Bah, who cares. I DO!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thrift The Color Trend: Bubblegum Pink + Nude

I'm having a moment. I can't stop thinking about the pairing of bubblegum pink and nude - so fresh! and since I recently thrifted a nude pleated skirt, I'm dying to thrift a bubblegum pink top to pair it with.  I first fell in love with the color pairing at the Tibi Fall 2011 runway show. I was lucky enough to go ... here I am in the audience as evidenced by a picture on the We Know TV facebook page ... what an experience!

One of my favorite early thrifted pieces was an oversized button-up shirt dress in Schiaparelli's famous shocking pink.  Unfortunately I wasn't confident enough to wear it so I gave it up for a garage sale (yea those things exist); I heart the midwest. I'm definitely regretting that decision because now more than ever I am more confident in my style where bold colors are a must.  I imagine that whoever owns it will rock it out with some black/white brogues and a bright orange bag. Sigh.

I gathered up some PINK THRIFTSPIRATION for you because I love you that much. See it, love it, then hit up your local thrift store and spot it before I do ;-)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do It With Flare

I don't think I'd be alone if I said that shopping for jeans sucks. Most anyone can attest to the losing feeling of trying on a million pairs only to find one pair that works.  That's partially why I prolonged my thrift scour through the jeans section for as long as I could. I tend to avoid headache inducing activities, or at least I try to avoid participating long enough to induce the headache, the operative word being try.

When I finally gave in (c'mon we knew I would) the least likely outcome occurred; I THRIFTED a pair of GAP Jeans that fit like a dream. GAP 1969 jeans to be exact. Yea, not quite the climax you were expecting, but seriously friends...GAP jeans never fit me!! A clean dark wash, a modern flare, no hemming necessary and only $7.99 at Salvation Army - now I'd say that's a pretty IN'JEAN'IOUS deal! Yea, I took it there.

Since I love to try out different styles I thought my new jeans would be the perfect anchor piece for the summer 2011 trending 70s inspired look, then I scored this cream crochet macramé crop top for $3.99 at Salvation Army and I knew it was a done deal.  I wore it with my newly thrifted Rachel Rachel Roy platform clog booties (last seen here), thrifted red leather purse, thrifted bracelets, H&M teardrop earrings, and Forever 21 felt floppy hat. The good vibrations were free.

Which do you prefer, flares or skinnies?
 Vanessa Jackman x Style Spot Run
Chic Muse
Balmain Spring 2008
Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2011

Images via Street Peeper and Team Peter Stigter.
images via Google x Stockholm Streetstyle
Julien MacDonald Spring 2011 x Gucci Spring 2011
Yes. That's my tag sticking out. Dammit!

Photos by Ronnie of From My Eye To Yours

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Style Says "Only Me"

I try to only post about all things thrift, but this opportunity can't be missed! and clearly I've been reading too much Dr. Seuss...

One of my favorite "must reads," the Advanced Style blog just released a fantastic video on my special old boss, the Countess of Glamour Lynn Dell.

She's a great example that if you learn to embrace your own style, wear it with confidence, and love it,
everyone else will too.

Fashion says "Me Too," Style says "Only Me" - Lynn Dell

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Floppy Hats

I know a girl with the nickname "floppy" and it's not because she wears a floppy hat. Just sayin.

In other news, check out this roundup of sweet 70s floppy hat street style and a photo I just discovered of my adorable best friend wearing her oversized birthday present. Love them and her.

This might be a hint of what style trend I'm currently channeling and I may have snuck in a photo of my upcoming outfit post at the end....



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guess Who

Nothing tickles me more than discovering a PROUD fellow thrifter.  Seriously, it makes me want to clap my hands. Yay clapping!!

So here's a special round of applause to Rachel of THAT'S CHIC blog for telling the world about her THRIFT ADVENTURE at Savers with blogger Beth of  B.JONESstyle.

Everybody's doing it (but this is how they thrift).

Beth & Rachel @ Savers
Beth's Thrifts
Rachel's Thrifts
Photos from That's Chic by Laurel Dailey.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Golly Gee Willikers

I just discovered my honorable mention on the Dress With Courage blog list of Favorite Thrifting and Vintage Blogs!

Thanks Elissa, my heart is fluttering from your sweet sweet comments! 

This is PART 11, YES ELEVEN, of her THRIFTING 101 series Chock Full O' (nuts) Tips, tricks, and her undeniably magnetic writing voice. Be sure to check it out, oh, and be sure to drink your ovaltine!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Window Dressing

The best Sundays are filled with friends, unintentionals, and "so-glad-I-ordered-that" moments topped off with a dallop of discovery (this is after all the productive house cleaning happens of course).   Wandering down the street on my way to meet a friend I unintentionally stumbled upon a sweet vintage shop window display that got me so pumped for summer picnics in the park I could almost smell the burgers cooking...or was I feeling the hangovers lingering...who knows...

In the window was the perfect summer outfit: a pleated chiffon skirt in a bright orange-red hue plus a sleeveless button-up collared shirt in cream - summer success here I come. I took a quick picture on my crappy cell phone just to ensure I don't forget what I'm going to be wearing everyday this summer. Me forget? It's possible. Not too many windows away down the street I see the identical outfit on display. I do a double-take...did I unintentionally do a full circle and not even notice? My mind is scaring me these days.

Maybe it's just that great minds think alike - why reinvent the wheel - if it ain't broke don't fix it - whatever way you put it, turns out those famous idioms are famous for a reason.  My not-so-secret affinity for window displays makes sense of my tendency to get distracted by shiny objects.  It's the "how" behind the magic art of creating a space of color, texture, and imagination purely for the purpose of inspiring.  Ok, so its not all magic, but that sounds much more exciting than referring to it as labor. 

Pixie Market  vs Ellen Vintage Boutique

wovens + menswear

Friday, April 8, 2011

Just Another {Colorful} Day

The energy of the weekend has me excited to post something new, but since I haven't camera crashed in awhile you'll have to go a little longer without my face. I think you'll survive. I think.

With that said outfit pictures are in the works folks and I've got some killer combos for you (not the cheddar cheese filled kind - these are much better for you). For now you should enjoy these fine ladies from the land of CHIC{thrift}TOPIA who always manage to thrift-the-trend and style it just right.

thriftspiration : bold color
Gap t-shirt - vintage skirt - Aldo heels
thrifted skirt
thrifted orange scarf
thrifted cobalt sweater
thrifted vest and cardigan
thrifted turquoise cardigan

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