Thursday, January 27, 2011

lost and found

Cleaning and organizing my dresser always leads to new jewelry discoveries. I rarely get rid of jewelry out of the sheer fact that my taste is so sporadic. I love a simple delicate charm necklace as much as I covet an oversized cabachon gemstone cuff.   I guess you could call my fanatical approach to style a type of "fashion-extremism." 

I came across these bracelets and pair of earrings around the same time and were drawn to their antique gold finish.  They all incorporate gems/stones (although on a teeny tiny scale) which gives them that much more character and charm. I can't help but daydream about spring fashion while the horrible blizzardy mushy mess is happening outside. Darn you snow!

Coincidentally today I thrifted a complete spring ensemble at Salvation Army.  Three cheers for snow day wednesday happening simultaneously as the 50% OFF family day sale! WOO HOO! I hauled a classic kenneth cole trench with bronze piping, crisp white wide leg Banana Republic trousers, orange/cream stripe knitted top, and grey quilted Jay Herbert bag with chain straps.  Of course I'll top off this look with some bronze thrifted platform sandals - isn't that what you were going to suggest?
Refinery29 Spring 2011 Jewelry Trends
Etro SS2011 - Style.Spot.Run. Triangle Stud Earrings

Jason Wu SS2011 - Style.Spot.Run. Vintage Charm bracelet
Versace Spring 2011 - Style.Spot.Run. Stone Link Bracelet

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

show and tell

Not too long ago I went to a small exhibit "Notorious and Notable: 20th Century Women of Style" highlighting New York women who made their mark on the city's style-sphere.  One of the mannequins dressed in a long black maxi dress and heavy matching beaded wrists brought up vivid memories of the Chanel pre-Fall 2011 collection inspired by the lost culture of Byzantium.

Every detail of the Chanel pre-Fall 2011 presentation intrigued me - from the model's long tassel-like curtain entrance to the incorporation of the matching double cuffed wrists a la wonderwoman latent trend.  It also inspired me to start layering all of my thin beaded necklaces for spring (also making a presence on the Lanvin Spring 2010 runway).

While I'm not quite ready to digest all of the pre-Fall 2011 collections right now I do know that I am loving all of the tassel and fringe embellishment for Spring, and like the true thriftaholic that I am I've already started my collection. It all started with a pair of Armani tassel heels in the consignment department at my job. Unfortunately for me, someone snatched them up before I could mark my territory!  Just like thrifting, in the world of consignment if you don't claim it right away you'll most likely regret it.

But as my thrift universe would have it I then spotted a gorgeous fuschia braided oversize tassel belt  perfect for Spring's maxi dresses and 70s style. {I'VE GOT A SHOPPING PROBLEM. I KNOW.} So my dear readers - keep your "thrift-eye" peeled for tassels (then buy them and send them to me) and if you're not a lazy butt try a little TASSEL-DIY with easy instructions from one of my favorite blogs HonestlyWTF.

Exhibit A from Notorious and Notable

                                                                        Chanel Pre Fall 2011

Giorgio Armani


Gucci Spring 2011


Be sure to drink your ovaltine!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Into The Woods

Winter is still here!
Oh well for now because I thrifted these beauties at the Salvation Army for $12.99
Shearling lined suede boots Made in England, leather tips and heels, lace-over tie strap
Serrated rubber platform lug soles à la Camilla Skovgaard
It's as if they were made for a winter romp Into The Woods.
You can't tell by the 2.0 mega pixel cell phone photo but the coloring of the boot is a perfect match to my winter fur

What stylish but practical purchases are getting you through the winter?

Me. In the Woods!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hey everyone, I'm still here, I promise! I have so much to share.
I know I keep saying that but it's coming soon. I swear. 
Snatched up some Miu Miu boots at goodwill today for $12.99. 12.99!! 12.99!! 12.99!!
 Already started my spring shopping which means lots of orange, stripes, and pink gloves.
Can't wait for spring.

Here is a picture of my winter staple FUR that I got from the consignment department at my job.  I'm digging through old pictures because I don't have anything new prepared - but don't give up on me just yet.  The second picture is a close up of the sleeve.  When I wear it with my fur hat I look straight out of Dr. Zhivago.  That's basically an impressive way of saying I look like I could make it through a blizzard in Russia while simultaneously catching the eye of a married doctor-poet with a healthy moustache (see IMDB).

Enjoy these few pictures, hold on to them dearly, at least until I prepare something new!

Thanks Erica Y Lee for another telling cell-phone capture. In case you are confused that's me on the left.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Peace, Love, and Fur

My mom thrifted this sweet fur coat from Goodwill.  It's so soft I think it might be mink. Perfect for New Years hugs!  I wore it with a dress I borrowed from my roommate. Next to thrifted or gifted clothing, having a friend to borrow clothes from is the best! Thanks roomie. Accessories included a thrifted silver choker, thrifted hammered cuff, and thrifted chainmail bag.  Oh yea...and sparkly 2011 glasses to bring the look full circle.
styled and photo by Erica Y Lee

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