Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Silk Worm

I have always had a fascination with silk fabrics, my favorite being the raw texture of silk dupioni.   Part of this fascination stems from the fact that such a luxurious fiber can be derived from the not so prettiest of insects. I was lucky enough to see the process firsthand at a silk factory in China - one of the world's largest commercial silk producers (sericulturists).

I recently had a conversation with my new friend Claudia of ChicABoom Fashion about the importance of fabric when thrifting.  I would argue that when most people thrift they care less about the quality and feel of the fabric than it's look, style, and fit.  Unless its a very itchy wool or a thick sufficating poleyester they can tolerate most anything for a bargain.  On the other hand, when you are a regular thrifter (i.e. at least 1x every week), you are more likely to be more selective with your purchases. 

Just recently before the holiday weekend I thrifted two very different 100% silk pieces. The major differences being color, origination, and size.  I tried on this beautiful cream silk dress that fits me perfectly. I saw on the fabric tag the dress was produced in China. Then I looked at the designer tag and saw it was Chloé! Then I realised it was only $4.99 and had slightly irregular heart palpatations for the next five minutes.  Somehow I recovered and continued shopping.

Then I found this guy.

While it may not be a Chloe dress in my size, it is the most fantastical piece of Italian silk joy by St. Stefano all wrapped up in a blazer.  Much too large for me but much too amazing to pass up.  Who doesn't want a brightly covered marching band all over their blazer? I know exactly the friend and he marches to the beat of his own {style} drum. Ba dum, ching!

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