Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pop-Up Style

Just a few weeks back I had the pleasure of co-hosting Mischief & Thrift: A Thrifty Vintage Pop-Up with the fabulous seamstress, designer, and vintage collector Kim Hurley of Proper Etiquette and her daughter Brianna, my dotty spotty friend.  Kim refers to her collection Proper Etiquette as Modern-Vintage since many of her pieces can mix-in easily as modern day trends.  No wonder we get along.

With a keen eye for collecting vintage style Kim can find the gem in everything. She creates custom one-of-a-kind jackets by recycling vintage pieces into modern-vintage "Upcyling Couture."  When Kim asked what kind of jacket I'd like I never imagined the outcome would be this. A mash-up of black raffia, velvet, rhinestones, and pearls. A little Michael Jackson. A little bit more Chanel. Et voilĂ ! A crazy little thing called LOVE.

100% thrifted
And since Friends Don't Let Friends Thrift Alone and
Friends Don't Let Friends {Wear} Thrift Alone

I give you my friends. Wearing thrifted clothing. While I was in the other room, thrifting. Duh!

Event pictures and more on the StyleSpotRun Facebook Page. Check it out. Just Do It.

Photography by Jason Miller

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  1. WOW! Her jackets are amazing! You are so lucky to own that.

    Goodwill Huntingg

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