Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

I am fortunate to know a myriad of talented skilled creative folks, amongst them wonderful photographers. This weekend I met up with my wonderful photographer friend Mario for some photoshoot fun. I told him that my outfit was something similar to a Mod Kermit The Frog meets FlasherHe agreed to meet me anyways.

I thrifted this dress for $7.99 at Salvation Army and immediately knew it had to be mine.  Clown like ruffles, super mini length, in the perfect emerald green. You've seen this red box clutch purse before (here) but this is my first time wearing my thrifted red lip sunglasses. I'm pretty sure they are from some party supply store. Who cares! How fun is it to have The Perfect Red Lip no lipstick required?

Since I like to have a little class with my sass I threw on these super sheer tights from Forever 21.  The ankle boots are thrifted Franco Sarto The Artist's Collection and have become my go-to shoe. They may not stand out in a crowd but they are complete comfort with practical easy style. Every girl should own a shoe like that.

Photographs by Mario I. Espinoza. Check out his Tumblr, do it you!

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