Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Dots Little Dots Part 2

After so much success with our sartorial thrifty polka dot glamour photo-shoot...we couldn't resist a little bit of editorial fun.  Oh you didn't see it?  It's just the post below this one, so scroll down (or click here you lazy oaf).  Luckily, Brianna just happened to have a handy traveling multi-color bowling set in her suitcase, which was exactly the pop of color we needed for our black-and-white affair. Everyone has a multi-color traveling bowling set lying around right? ....Everyone? 

Pics by me. These were just a few of my favorite shots.

There's more on the Style.Spot.Run. Facebook page.

You know you want to see more!

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  1. Look so fun...Your style is really good. About 90% of my style is thrift as well and I love polka dot too...

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