Monday, September 26, 2011

Mishto Means Awesome

When the dirty laundry pile starts getting high and Friday finally comes around, my recipe for weekend dressing is simple: find clean clothes, decide which ones will make me feel the least restricted and/or the most Cat Lady like, and wear as many layers as weather appropriate at once.  Get it? Got it? Good.

Cat Lady by Lucille Fornasieri-Gold 

When I tell you there are no limitations to my Style Inspiration...
I mean it, there are no limitations to Style.

I had a photoshoot with a friend this Saturday and I can't wait to share the pictures, they are so much fun! On my way there I wore a thrifted lace slip, a thrifted sheer rose slip dress, a thrifted trench coat, thrifted boots, sheer leopard blouse, and fishnet vine tights. My friend Michael came along for moral support and just in case there was heavy lifting to be done. He took this picture of me and says the blurry head is just like me because I'm all over the place. Except he says my smile is much bigger, I like that it gives my eyebrows a nice Frida.

I bet you were wondering what Michael looks like? Well this is what his feet look like.

 and this is Michael when he's having the time of his life with me waiting a long time for the train and it's so humid three showers are a requirement....

 I'm normally not a fan of someone that gives me the bird but...

Mishto is romanian gypsy language and it means AWESOME.
I think Michael is trying to tell me that he thinks thrifted clothing is awesome!

No wonder we are friends.

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  1. Thrifted clothing IS awesome. Can't wait to see your photo shoot pics.

    Goodwill Huntingg



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