Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Dots Little Dots Part 1

If you haven't seen the Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 collection by now I have no excuses for you, except that your magazine subscription ended and your neighbor finally figured out you were stealing their internet, SO NOW instead you spend your time doing things like socializing with real human beings and reading actual books and rewatching every single episode of your favorite TV on DVD before the new season premiere. Something like that. 

While the saying goes "you can't be in two places at once" I'd use this collection as the perfect HA! I-Told-Ya-So rebuttal that you'd get to end by saying HA! I-Told-Ya-So! (because really, getting to say that is the only reason for starting an argument) but I'm not sure when, where, or how else the Victorian era, the 1940s, and the Future would rub elbows other than in this Lunatic Chic Ready-to-Wear collection. A little bit more than rub elbows they did. HA! I told ya so!

One thing was most evident: lunatics love polka dots. So when my gem of a friend Brianna Hurley (also actress and style muse) told me about her secret stash of thrifted and gifted polka-dot regalia, my inner Kusama erected and my weekend plans could only be summarized by two words (one word?) Photo op.  So we met up and we played and we took pictures and below my friends are a little less than half of the results. Which means some of the other ones are up on my facebook page and then the rest are being reserved for a killer Big Dots Little Dots Part 2.   

In your best excited Oprah voice, “Pollllkkkkkaaaaaaaaa Dotsssss.”
[via Fashables]

Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 via; Self Obliteration by Dots via afraidofcertainthings; Vintage Vogue UK cover

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  1. Hi there!! Wow, she looks so stylish and totally on trend, fabulous photos xx

  2. Thanks All! We had so much fun playing around with dots!




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