Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pastel Parfait

My shopping partner in crime Lilo scored these pastel pink pants at Salvation Army on one of our thrifting dates.  Unfortunately and fortunately for the both of us we have similar taste, so when I asked to borrow them she knew they weren't coming back. He he he.  They've only been worn once with my infamous leopard blouse which subsequently left me looking like I belonged in a Florida retirement community clubhouse.  I think I won't do that again. On a side note I am not denying the possibility of that clubhouse in particular being a lifetime of fun...

I'm especially loving the short-sleeve over long-sleeve look that's been popping up.  It reminds me of baseball shirts and frat boys, or are those one in the same?  I thrifted this mint green hospital v-neck  because I loved the color but really had no idea how I was going to make it look modern. Then when I saw this Celine PreFall 2011 look a light went DING! and voila - now I look unapologetically like Easter Sunday. Otherwise I prefer to believe I'm saluting the brilliance of the Alberta Ferretti Philosopy 2011 Fall collection.

I like most that the color pallette is at odds with the traditional Fall colors.  Puts a little Spring in your step ... ba dum ching.  The sky blue button-up is thrifted J.Crew, the white woven heels are thrifted vintage Van Eli's, the black belt is thrifted Donna Katz, and the clutch is thrifted vintage eelskin.  What do you think - pastels for fall? Yay? Nay? Rarr.

   Shoop!   Images via and From My Eye To Yours  Shoop!

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  1. Fabulosity! I am lovin the pastels. We should get a timeshare in Boca Raton together for our fab granny chic looks. Hehe.

    Stacey Kay
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  2. Great take on the trend. I normally don't were pastels but I definitely want to try it!

    Lindsey Turner

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