Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never Forget Your Accents

Last week I posted on My Facebook that I was wearing a gold metallic lame skirt and one of my genius jokester brothers quickly responded...

"Lame or Lamé?" 

Well played brother bear, well played.

Except we both know that anything that is described with the words gold and metallic in the same sentence automatically outrules the possibility of being lame!! At least in my Because when you teeter on the lines of highly offensive, totally nutty, or a little bit gaudy you also automatically deserve a gold star. See! I did it again....silver star is not nearly as exciting as GOLD star. Umm...nevermind.

Here I am playing with my shiny distracting thrifted jet black beaded chain strap purse (last seen here) (I told you it doesn't take much people). The thrifted open-toe lattice stud shoes were practically brand new.  They look fancy huh?  Maybe it's because I'm in the dark.  I've been told I look good in the dark.  Wait a minute...on second thought...that might not have been a compliment!!!

I also like to wear this skirt during the day with a sheer gauzy white long sleeve top and sandals.  Can you imagine this skirt under the sun? You can't run, you can't hide, you can't be late for work....they'll know that was you they saw running down the sidewalk frantically holding down your skirt as the breeze catches its billowing fabric and the sun blinds your eyes and next thing you know you knock over your boss... WHAT! It could happen.
On the other hand,  if you are going to choose to wear gold metallic LAMÉ you better own it and run with it, figuratively speaking, unless of course you are late to work then run, but be sure to wear sunglasses.

thrifted skirt, thrifted shoes, thrifted bracelet, gifted pretzel ring, thrifted diamond ring, thrifted beaded purse.

-All photos by Ronnie From My Eye To Yours-

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  1. Hey! Victoria from here! Thanks for reaching out! I always love to hear from other bloggers. Will be in touch soon....thanks for the blogroll addition! Lame is mos def amaze!!!!! And you are werking it!

  2. Awww shucks! Thanks Victoria!! Love your blog too:-)


  3. LOVE this look!!!! Totally wish I could pull it off!



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