Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Not Me, It's You

I know what this sounds like by the title....another Dear John letter, OH NO! Don't worry - we are not breaking up. I will never break up with you. This is a committed relationship. If you're in, I'm in. Heck, I'm in it for the long haul! Well, I'm in it even if you're not in it, but that's besides the point... 

This is just my well thought-out segue to tell you that in this stranger-to-stranger relationship I want it to be about YOU too. Sure, I may have taken over these blog posts with giant close-ups of my face (here), my tight sexy butt (here), and my ultra pearly whites (here) but we won't let that stop your sun from shining stranger!  Heey now. So today's blog post is dedicated to some other stranger's assets. No really, she was a complete stranger until about one email ago.  Now I say that officially makes us more than strangers - strangerbuddies?

 Check her out my strangerbuddy NAJLA

When I first met Najla I said, "Hey! I like you're top, where'd you get it?" and she said "It's thrifted." And then I peed my pants was so happy I wanted a cookie.  Who am I kidding I always want a cookie. I would have even bought one for my new strangerbuddy Najla because she was so honest. You know how that goes, you ask someone where they got something and they say "Oh this? I'm not sure" - yea yea yea you just got it yesterday. Anywho! 

Well Najla's story is more special than that. She said it was purchased by her mother from a thrift store called Unique in Northern Virginia (they're online here). She styled the top with turquoise Joe's Jeans and rope sandals she bought from Nordstrom Rack. She also said her mother and her love thrift shopping and it happens to be one of their favorite pass times. Its how they bond!  AHEM SHALL WE DO SOME BONDING DEAREST MOTHER?!  I know you're reading this.

I loved the top for many reasons - it's part thriftgenius DIY because why let those cool giant scarves (you've racked up but never wear) (and refuse to donate) go to waste?  It combines multiple patterns into one shirt - style DO.  It's so light and covers your body like a snuggie for summer....OOO SUMMER SNUGGIE! Summer snuggie was trademarked here.  It's one of a kind and the obvious #1 reason it rocks -  it gives you bat wings so you feel like you can fly.

Najla is a current fashion design student studying at Parsons the New School for Design.


Want to be strangerbuddies too? Naturally let's consummate our relationship ON FACEBOOK

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  1. Love it! I once made a temporary skirt by tucking a bunch scarfs into a pair of shorts. It was actually really cute and had a cool boho look to it.

    Driftwood and Daydreams

  2. That is such a fabulous top! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. @Aryn - That is such a sweet idea! Nice!

    @Stacey Kay - She's definitely rockin it!



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