Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Camp Mother x Tour Guide - Day 3

Sometimes the city can suck up all of your energy so on we went to BK baby!  We started our day at the Greenstreet market in Union Square for some pigeon and people watching before we made our first big stop at the Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea. Naturally we needed to fuel up with pie yummm at Four &Twenty Blackbirds followed by a leisurely walk through the Botanic Gardens. Lucky for us it was First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum which was just enough excitement before we stuffed ourselves silly at Boca Chica in the L.E.S.  I think I see a pattern here...activity/eat, activity/eat....

I wore a thrifted silk turquoise dress, thrifted woven belt, thrifted gladiator sandals, and thrifted bracelets.  My aunt gave me this pretty colorful necklace and matching earrings made from Tagua Nut (which is basically vegetable ivory) found in South American Countries. Thanks Aunt Anne! I layered it with a turquoise spike necklace just because I wasn't colorful enough.

I stole some of these pictures from my aunt and mom who get just as excited as I do about pigeons and bees as we do flea markets and food. Is it just me or does all this pigeon need is a top hat and a cane and it wouldn't be unusual? Yup...probably just me.

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  1. Super cute outfit. That necklace is just sooo amazing. And that food looks delicious too. Looks like you really had a great time!

    Driftwood and Daydreams



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