Saturday, July 30, 2011

Set Fire To The Rain

I'm starting to hang things around my room for display.  It's insane how much more you appreciate what you have when you put it on display.  I give each piece some time before I put it away or before I see it so much the subliminal wear-me-now messages work on my brain.  When I woke up this morning I loved how the light was showing off the black lace detail on my first piece of thrifted lingerie. I told you I'll thrift pretty much anything. Secret: I also have a hard time saying no to lace.

On my way home from work I got caught in a heavy rainstorm wearing my thrifty TIY Tailor It (for) Yourself gold lame skirt. {I will understand if the use of TIY does not catch on} and oh yea {my mom thrifted this skirt and I stole it}. After hanging out under a canopy for 2 minutes I got over it and realised WHAT THE HEY IT'S RAIN NOT ACID and I walked right into the downpour. UGH YEA BEST.IDEA.EVER.  I felt like a 8 year old with a giant stash of Pixy Stix.  Everyone I passed hiding from the storm looked at me like I was CRAZY. I just laughed and smiled uncontrollably and gave them more evidence to believe.  They'll never know.

 thrifted romper lingerie
thrifted gold lame skirt x white gauze shirt x gifted black silk tank x Target bra

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  1. Agh, that nightgown is so pretty!

  2. Loving your blog as always! I meant to do this a month ago but I've been having some computer problems- Anyways! A while back you entered my fashion illustration contest and you were a winner! Here's the link to your drawing:
    It's yours to use as you wish. I hope you like it!

    Driftwood and Daydreams

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