Thursday, July 14, 2011

Read Between The Lines

Did you hear about that monkey who stole a wildlife photographers camera and took pictures of himself?  Yea, it happened, and I think we might be soulmates.   In other news I scored this sweet 100% wool - Made in Italy - striped coat.  I actually thrifted this in the fall along with some equally sweet Miu Miu rainboots that you will be seeing soon I'm sure. I wear this coat everywhere and anywhere because it posesses two of my favorite everyday qualities: cozy and shapeless

While I certainly cannot do justice to the Prada Spring 2011 collection of monkeys and bananas on top of baroque swirls, I CAN throw some muted stripes on top of muted stripes and add a dash of neon -that counts for something doesn't it?  The dress is a vintage find that I recently thrifted from Salvation Army. It is actually a bit too big for me. Perfect, me thinks. I can eat more cookies! 

I've been practicing this austere slightly ticked-off look for quite some time now.  You can see how serious I am here, here, and here. I think it really adds drama to the whole interpreting Prada style business.  It's a tough job but someone has to do it right.  I borrowed these Striped Kitten heels from my good friend Lilo. I like to borrow lots of things from her because she has lots of good things. Thanks lilo.  I mentioned before (here) that I was so happy with my last photoshoot and this is no exception. Who doesn't love mimicking stairs with stripes while stiffly walking down the stairs they're mimicking? And he captured it all so elegantly.

thrifted dress; thrifted coat; thrifted clutches; borrowed shoes

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  1. Poca, you are so freaking awesome I can hardly BEAR it. I just love your blog. I read it everyday. And then, when I am done reading it, I send everybody else here to read it.

  2. I LOVE your take on it, somehow it is much cooler than Prada. Love it, love it.



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