Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love Will Find You, Love Will Find Me

Is it unrealistic that I plan my date outfits before the date actually happens? (See: Thematic Repelling) Or how about planning the date where I will wear the outfit before I even meet the guy who asks me out on the date. Don't tell me you're thoughts right now.  I just happen to understand how the celebrity dating life works and it ain't no easy life if you know what I'm sayin? Actually, nevermind, I'm not sure I know what I'm saying. I just decided to let myself keep typing without editing. [Dumb idea #1]

Long story short I thrifted this sweet little white DVF number for $7.99 (see the first one here).  If you stare hard enough at the picture below you can see the blue tag stapled on the left hand corner of the dress.  If you are really genius you can see that's a backwords seven for seven ninety-nine.  BAM! In your semi-fancy-dress-face. I love this dress because the white makes my permanent tan seem more tan and the front pockets are perfect for stuffing palmfuls of candy or fresh baked tater tots.

If I were to invent an entire date scenario where this outfit would come into play it might involve being picked up in an air-balloon with a delicious picnic that we eat while we make our way to Coney Island for a giant stick of cotton candy and a combative game of ball toss where I win an oversized Monkey and he's a little jealous so we end in a long enticing makeout session with a ladylike bear-hug. But since I wouldn't be as weird to invent a fantastical date to Coney Island, I will just wear this sweet white summer dress to work and whip out the thrifted cardigan at night when I go meet my friends for a classy beer at happy-hour.

What's your favorite first-date outfit?

Thrifted DVF Dress; Thrifted Cardigan; Thrifted Banana Republic Wedges

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