Friday, July 29, 2011

Let's Talk About ___ Baby

Let's talk about...

True Blood? Love? Constipation? Motivation? Twitter?


I knew you were hopin that's what was "fillin' in the blank."  How do you feel now? Are you ready to talk about this?  We can start off with the fact that I have a rope around my neck. It's not just any rope, it's dark blue and twisted and say wha! It's thrifted.  I found this Yigal Azrouel Printed Dress last summer. The neckline reminds me of a look from Vena Cava's Spring 2011 collection.

Maybe not the coloring and pattern so much but it's all about the STYLE.  You get what I'm sayin? 

Here's another halter look by Donna Karan from her Spring 2011 Collection.

So far this summer this has been one of my favorite daytime to nighttime dresses that doesn't need much other than a change of shoes and a few key accessories...AHEM like these sweet blue drop earrings that had been sitting broken in my drawer for years until my lovely friend NINA P. kindly re-hooked and re-purposed and re-birthed? them back to life.  Thanks NINA P, you rock!

Here's a few pictures of me sitting, putting my hands on my hips, and trying to inconspicuously air out my pits because this humidity can stop even the best deoderant from working properly. That and I have a sweaty pits. Sorry, was that Too Much Info?

Bracelet x Ring x Navy Clutch (Made in Italy) = THRIFTED. Do I really have to say it anymore?

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  1. that clutch is so cute! And I think I'm in love with that dress!


  2. I LOVEEEEE this! What a beautiful dress, you look stunning! x

  3. @Stacey Kay @Victoriaa- THANKS so much!
    @Nicole Marie - it's italian!

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