Monday, July 25, 2011

Accordion to the Pleat

I love the idea of mixing high with low or shiny with matte or light with dark or fancy with casual or thrift with thrift; these all would definitely be on Martha Stewart's "Good Things" list. {By the way nosey, the answer is YES, I watched Martha Stewart and read her magazine and bought her expensive glitter and admire her holiday crafts} So this is the Exhibit A of all of those Good Things rolled into a giant Good Things Cookie Dough Shake. Who doesn't like Good Things happening that involve cookies or shakes?!

I snatched up this jewel tone accordion pleated skirt initially because I gravitate towards anything bright and shiny. It doesn't take much I'll tell ya.  It has no label which gives it extra points in my book and stretches easily at the waist band.  This is convenient because it was too hot to wear as a maxi skirt so I thought like a genius and wore it as a strapless dress and was happy to know it stretched enough to accommodate my large gigantic boobs.  Trust me, in this NY heatwave all you want to do is feel a breeze anywhere and everywhere.

I painted my index finger in a gold glitter and the rest of my nails are a light lilac with a slight hint of gray.  I can't believe how well that color goes with everything! The jean vest is thrifted you saw it before here and the giant tassel belt here and the honky-tonk wedges here and the silver stud cuff here and the crystal prism necklace here - in fact, it's 100% thrifted except for the Tod's purse and you've pretty much seen it all before but I love using and re-using until I'm sick of it.  I do apologize for the odd placement of my pink 80s/90s (?) brooch.

Elle UK x Stockholm Streetstyle x All The Pretty Birds x S.S.R. 100% Thrifted 
Thanks Ronnie! From My Eye To Yours

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  1. ah! i love how you used the maxi-skirt as a dress! so cute! i might need to steal that idea with my new maxi-skirt hehe:] that belt ties everything together so nicely!

  2. Hey hey! Thanks! I'm in love with this belt. If I could I would marry it.




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