Monday, June 20, 2011

White Night + Thigh High Slits

Not too long ago I put up a teaser of an inspiration photo I claimed to have recently thrifted (here).  I was finally able to snap a few pictures of the outfit in full effect so you know I'm not telling lies.  I care about you THAT much. I'm super satisfied with this thrift score and I still can't believe how shockingly close it is to the Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2011 runway inspiration photo!

While this may not have been their strongest collection, this look stood out to me for one particular appealing element: a maxi skirt that has been instantly sexified to create the perfect ladylike-come-hither combo (don't be shy, take a peep) yes, that's right, I'm wearing a THIGH HIGH FRONT SLIT skirt.  I'm not afraid. Although I AM having trouble with the world "slit."  It just doesn't seem approprite. Probably better than saying a THIGH HIGH FRONT OPENING? Either way these are all essentially pseudonyms for my lady part.

The skirt originally was marked at $6.99 but since it was Family Day I snatched it up for half price! It is 100%  silk and not only does it have pockets but it also has BUILT-IN SILKY SHORTS. Dream.
The label on the skirt says "The Wrights" but I couldn't track any information behind that name. To me that's just another part of the Thrill Of Thrifting - to discover and learn different designers/brands. For that very reason I rarely buy something with a design I don't LOVE and buy it purely based on it's label.  Labels add to the appeal, they don't define it.

What role does designers/brands play in your style?


Cami Cosabella; Blazer Thrifted Calvin Klein Collection ; Clutch Thrifted Whiting & Davis; Shoes Thrifted Aldo

WhoWhatWear x Stella McCartney Spring 2011 x Calvin Klein Collection x Michael Kors Fall 2011 via

All photos by Ronnie of From My Eyes to Yours

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  1. You have the best thrift finds EVER! Love this look and how you built off the inspiration. I just thrifted a lovely nude maxi that would look great if I added a slit (haha, you're right, we should think of another word for that). For me, brands/labels don't have any effect on what I wear. I pick my clothing based on what's aesthetically pleasing not who made it. Also, I have a giveaway going on over at blog right now. You should enter ;]

    Driftwood and Daydreams

  2. Thanks Aryn! Your maxi sounds adorable - you should totally send me a pic when you get your outfit together.

    I think brands/labels can say something about quality but it doesn't mean it looks any more stylish than the other!

    Entered your giveaway aready, I love it.


  3. Hi my dear!! Wow, that is seriously one gorgeous skirt, fabulous price and looks amazing on, I'm sure it will be a favourite of yours this summer too! thanks for your lovely comment, have a great week xxx



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