Monday, June 27, 2011

Tie The Knot

I'm not the girliest of girls (just ask my friends or brothers or ex-boyfriends) but since all my friends are beautiful, obviously, I look to my gal-pals for tips tricks or a general push-shove-kick to keep my beauty regime in check.  When I say my "beauty regime" please note that in my world this translates as take a shower, brush my hair, brush my teeth, shave my legs, shave your my pits.  All essential things that keep us beautiful, no? There ARE days when I'm feeling especially girly and I'll get my nails done.  This may not be a new concept to anyone who successfully survived their teenage years, but keeping up these nails takes some concentrated effort aka a professional.

My latest color choice, I know you were wondering, is a soft pink-cream called "Tie The Knot" by Essie.  It's the perfect girly neutral polish to pair with my summer all-white outfits and easily fits in with my summer brights. It's name is also an appropriate segue to show off some highlights from my sister,  Princess Sarah's, Royal WeddingI swear to you she's the older one and she'll promise you she's only 21.  I'll give her 23.

Let's just say that if my sister had it her way, the whole world would be a candyland filled with positive energy, her closest friends dancing and having fun, all wrapped in her favorite color pinkOnce Upon A Time it was her wedding day (sometime at the end of May) and that very world existed; the perfect allusion of a Princesses Dream! Love you sister.
- xoxo -

Oh P.S. because in the name of all-things-holymoly I have sworn to deliver thrifted content to you in every post (so this isn't just "another one of those blogs") AND because I see it as my duty to show you that I truly am a die-hard thriftaholic, I thrifted my bridesmaid dress and wore thrifted accessories and shoes.   

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  1. LOVE Sarah's tennies in that pic!

  2. Yea, they are SO SARAH! lol




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