Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hyper Floral Pizzaz

The best part about Spring collections is seeing what fresh new takes on floral will pop up. 
In Spring flowers are a must! 

I love flowers on my clothes just as much as I love a pretty bouquet to be delivered to my office with a special love note attached that says "you are so beautiful and talented and smart and so nice and so funny, you deserve these Loca whooops i mean Poca!" (WINK) 

or more realistically, I love to buy fresh bunches of the most beautiful flowers on earth and place them sporadically in my house because money is no object I am dirty filthy rich. 
Here is a crappy cell phone pic for proof.  
I know you love my crappy cell phone pics.

Then again since honesty is our policy here I should probably just spill the beans and tell you how I usually get my flowers. Its when they are FREE because I pounce on the arrangements after special events at work. Shh! It's our dirty little secret. They would want me to have them.

This is my roommates cell phone pic porn. Clearly his phone is nicer...
and clearly I did not pay for these flowers.
This spring what was more evident than ever is that the typical sweet garden floral pattern just doesn't have enough pizzaz.  And since designers are smart they know that life is all about pizzazin-it-up. Pizzazin! [Root word = pizza]  they found the sassiest flowers in the brightest colors and the waackiest sizes and mixed in a little sex appeal and VOILA! That's how magic works.  Don't believe me? Do the math: Bright Colors + Waacky Sizes + Sex Appeal = Magic.

So here I present you with my thrifted magic.  Waacky bright pizzazed flowers on a strapless dress with a little sex appeal. I think it's homemade so that gets extra points in my book. Plus it was only $5.99. Triple score!  I thrifted the jacket (last seen here) and the thrifted shoes are by Jessica Simpson.  I added ribbon to my ankles from leftover scraps I collect collected from my weekend job (shh!) and pinned on pink flowers leftover from my sister's pink explosion wedding.  CRAFTY EH?? 

I hoped to look just like this d&g model:

but much happier because my outfit is 100% thrifted and I don't want to seem like a wallflower (I'm just by a wall wearing flowers)
Mary Katrantzou
Louis Vuitton
Jil Sander
Carola - Advanced Style
Cleavage shot. Just for you.

Photos by Ronnie From My Eye To Yours and

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