Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bullheaded Thrift Style

I'm not sure why I didn't share this with you when it happened, but I entered in the Norma Kamali Astrology for Fashion raffle hosted on the NK website.   Each birth-sign has a chance at winning a free reading from a top astrologer in U.S.!

I'd have to agree with their description of the Taurus Style: "The Taurus aesthetic is all about beauty" and they have "an impeccable eye."  I definitely agree with the next part about loving good food - if it really wanted to describe me it would follow that by saying "especially cookies!".  Cookie Is Life. As you can see by my professional red pen markings I'm not a fan of the last part which says some jibberish about being uncomfortable with change imposed on my vision.  I'm SO open to changeYou say try that dress with that blazer? I'll do it. You say blue looks good with yellow? I'll try it. We're talking about outfit changes, no? 
ANYWHO... well thank my lucky stars,
 believe it or not, yours truly, WON!  

It was such a fun experience and easy too.  Elizabeth Racine really knows her craft! She gave me an overview of my personality based on my birthdate, time, and place.  It was eerily "spot on"! (maybe she's heard about my blog?) She gave me a timeline of the next few months to come and advice about things I'll need to keep my eye on.  The session lasted for an hour, was prepaid, and recorded so I can listen to it again.


When I didn't think my luck could get any better I recently THRIFTED the sweetest Poly Lyrca Norma Kamali dress from Salvation Army.  Don't worry, there will be pictures to follow soon.  I plan on wearing it to Norma Kamali Beach Party Part II this Thursday, June 23rd - did you hear about the first Karaoke Beach Party??

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