Sunday, April 10, 2011

Window Dressing

The best Sundays are filled with friends, unintentionals, and "so-glad-I-ordered-that" moments topped off with a dallop of discovery (this is after all the productive house cleaning happens of course).   Wandering down the street on my way to meet a friend I unintentionally stumbled upon a sweet vintage shop window display that got me so pumped for summer picnics in the park I could almost smell the burgers cooking...or was I feeling the hangovers lingering...who knows...

In the window was the perfect summer outfit: a pleated chiffon skirt in a bright orange-red hue plus a sleeveless button-up collared shirt in cream - summer success here I come. I took a quick picture on my crappy cell phone just to ensure I don't forget what I'm going to be wearing everyday this summer. Me forget? It's possible. Not too many windows away down the street I see the identical outfit on display. I do a double-take...did I unintentionally do a full circle and not even notice? My mind is scaring me these days.

Maybe it's just that great minds think alike - why reinvent the wheel - if it ain't broke don't fix it - whatever way you put it, turns out those famous idioms are famous for a reason.  My not-so-secret affinity for window displays makes sense of my tendency to get distracted by shiny objects.  It's the "how" behind the magic art of creating a space of color, texture, and imagination purely for the purpose of inspiring.  Ok, so its not all magic, but that sounds much more exciting than referring to it as labor. 

Pixie Market  vs Ellen Vintage Boutique

wovens + menswear

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  1. I want a long pleated, chiffon skirt! So jealous! I think I would want mine ina lovely nude color, though.

  2. @Stacey - the bag was too sweet!

    @Aryn - so funny you said that. I was eye-ing one at a consignment store the other day....



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