Friday, April 8, 2011

Just Another {Colorful} Day

The energy of the weekend has me excited to post something new, but since I haven't camera crashed in awhile you'll have to go a little longer without my face. I think you'll survive. I think.

With that said outfit pictures are in the works folks and I've got some killer combos for you (not the cheddar cheese filled kind - these are much better for you). For now you should enjoy these fine ladies from the land of CHIC{thrift}TOPIA who always manage to thrift-the-trend and style it just right.

thriftspiration : bold color
Gap t-shirt - vintage skirt - Aldo heels
thrifted skirt
thrifted orange scarf
thrifted cobalt sweater
thrifted vest and cardigan
thrifted turquoise cardigan

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  1. I adore so many of these looks. The colour blocking trend is quite quite fabulous. xx

  2. I wanna go thrifting so badly! See what I can score.

  3. @Comtesse - Me too...haha I love style.
    @Ria - Go! Then show me what you find.


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