Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ring In The New Year

Haven't been shopping in awhile...SIKE!...ok just a little shopping every now and then.  However, since one of my 2011 Fashion Resolutions is to overhaul my ring collection I thought I should give myself a head-start by picking up this gasoline rock ring at my job in our consignment section - which for my concious sake and because I also believe to be true, I must argue is a purchase that completely falls under the definition of thrift (thank you Wiki!) and so is appropriate to share with you.

It's also an excuse to set free my inner nerd-child and love of all things outerspace, galactic, and celestial related which includes Milky Ways the candy bar, Red Dwarf, and now the Christopher Kane 2011 Resort Collection.  The cosmic starlit astrology motifs are photos of flaring nebulae that Kane chose to balance with dyed marabou covered Giuseppe Zanotti bedroom sandals. Why didn't we think of that? DUH! In otherwords this collection can be added to the list of perfect man-repelling outfits [see The Man Repeller].  I'm sorry boys, but the ring must stay.

Hope you have fun "ringin" in the New Year. Womp womp.

Happy 2011!!

my ring & christopher kane images via Little Black Book blog

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Thrifty Christmas, Darling

Hoping all who celebrated had a lovely day yesterday.  I found this vintage 1950s style dress in a perfect christmas plaid.  I couldn't resist wearing it and taking a photo in front of a christmas tree.  The earrings and necklace are a set I scored at St. Vinnie's for $10.  The dress was $7.99 at Salvation Army. I'm mostly drawn to it's label that says "Corlyn North - The Rich Look."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dress The Part

I've been stashing a collection of dresses that I thought deserved a special occasion to be worn.  They were all thrifted from the Salvation Army for less than $10 a piece but ended up needing a few alterations. If you are going to be a regular thrifter you must either learn how to sew, find yourself a tailor, or learn how to leave things behind that aren't your size.

You may recall last seeing these vintage dresses here - the paisley pattern dress was knee-length with a boatneck and the watercolor print was floor-length with a halter top. I knew when I thrifted these pieces that they would all need some TLC from the tailor before I could bring them out of hiding, and since both dresses were only $5 to begin with they were completely worth the additional investment. 

If I were to have it my way and take any sort of realistic approach to dressing for New Years Eve out of the equation, I could have a dress to match every major event of the night. But since I'm not starring in a music video on New Years Eve (and that's the only way this many outfit changes would ever be possible after a champagne toast) I guess I'll have to chalk it up to the best way to fit three different dresses in a blog post...

What are you wearing for New Years?

#1 The Toast
THRIFTED StellaT Metallic Dress and THRIFTED Whiting&Davis Chainmail Clutch
Shoes - Belle by Sigerson Morrison, Bracelet - Borrowed, Ring - Forever21

#2 The Ball Drops
THRIFTED Vintage Colonial Miss SSRevamped, No Label and THRIFTED chain necklace worn as bracelet. MarcbyMarc Studded Clutch, Bakers Heels

#3 The Fireworks
THRIFTED Vintage Watercolor SSRevamped, No Label and THRIFTED earrings,

All photos by Ronnie - From My Eye To Yours

Monday, December 13, 2010

Spring Forward

Glad to see the metallic trend resurfacing big time for spring 2011....already thrifted a few more pieces in my closet that I promise to bust out much slower than I did all that Le Leopard.  The best part about the metallic trend is that it can transition nicely from Fall to Spring without loosing its affect.  While i'm all about sequin overload,  metallics are a thoughtful alternative to sparkle without all the eye-blinding shine. 

I'm specifically loving the use of metallic gold over the typical choice metallic silver. For Fall 2010  it was noteables like Jason Wu, Dries Van Noten, Philip Lim, and Balmain that gave us a taste of luxurious metallic gold with mixes of blood red and black. However, for Spring 2011 desingers like Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, and Ruffian showed a light and airy quality and proved its dynamic appeal.

Which is your favorite metallic gold look - spring or fall?

Fall 2010 Photo via Style Bakery
Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, Ruffian Spring 2011. Photo via
Rainy cold days and getting home late from work equals no daylight playtime. So once again I decided to take advantage of my lovely white living room and dusty grey stairwell.  Wouldn't you? I also enlisted the help of my ultra petite roommate and natural model extroardinaire to show off looks inspired by my metallic gold desinger inspiration for Fall 2010 - the late great Alexander Mcqueen and my new Spring 2011 metallic gold crush, Rodarte.

Fall 2010: Thrifted Velvet Blazer by Cache, Metallic Gold Skirt Arden B.,  and Gold Multi-chain Necklace worn as choker.  Borrowed black bustier with Gold Thread Embroidery by Perry Ellis. Gilded frame from our bathroom.

Spring 2011: Thrifted Vintage Metallic Sweater, Sequin and Bead Belt made in Macau, and Cream Rose Knee High Tights worn as anklets. Brown Strappy Sandals from Aldo.

Thrifted pieces from Goodwill, St. Vincent De Paul, and Salvation Army.  Special thanks to my roomie Miss Kings County 2011! xoxo

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Three things + Chic{THRIFT}topia

Sorry folks for the hiatus! I've been getting some exciting posts together for you and can't wait to share. Until then check out three inspiration looks by style-mavens on CHIC{THRIFT}TOPIA community.  It never fails to make me want to thrift!

#1  Layered Cardigans
thrifted cardigan, vintage skirt

Thrifted Poncho, Thrifted Boots

#3  Camel
thrifted camel coat

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tic-Tac-Toe December Favorites

There's no better eye candy in one single page than the Shop the Closet e-blasts from Who What Wear. Whoever puts their collages together is pretty GENIUS in my book because as effortless as a collage may seem, it takes some serious skill (and time) to throw together a random mix of products yet still make each piece standout.

Since my patience level for photoshop-collaging is pretty low right now I decided to take the "minimalist" approach and show you my version of WWWs Shop the Closet using thrifted pieces I'll be rocking in December in the presentation style of a tic-tac-toe champion. All of these pieces were thrift.inspired by three looks i'm really loving right now...and pretty much always for that matter... Dominatrix Glam via Versace, Cat Lady via Lanvin, and Street Chic via fashion blogger Frou Frouu. In that same order. 

The yellow shirt was actually a shapeless suit shirt that I had a tailor crop in the front, add a scrunch to the back, and hooks at the sleeves. The lace up ankle boots are what started my unhealthy obsession with thrifting, and the all-over leopard print coat is the reason I won't stop.

What are your favorite pieces right now?

Clockwise: Yellow Shirt by Yves St. Clair, Leopard Cami Circle Dress byCorpus , Gap Cropped Pants, Faux Leather Leggings by Sarah Johnson 1974, 1970s Leopard Print Swing coat, SM New York lace up booties. All thrifted at Salvation Army and Goodwill.
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