Monday, November 29, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some

My friend and I recently stopped by the Salvation Army where I found those scary purple furry boots that I posted on Halloween (see here).  This location must attract furry creatures, hopefully not actual creatures, because I'm pretty sure I spotted the inspiration piece behind Chanel's Fall 2010 yeti costume.  My friend said it looked more like a ruffled bear which to me automatically made it that much more appealing.
Yeti or ruffled bear? I'm not afraid.

In the end after a long bout of indecision (mostly because it was $20) I decided it was best to part ways.  Later I slightly regretted my choice when I saw Samantha of Beckerman Bite Plate rock a similar giant black furry jacket and call it "Nordic/Gorilla Chic."  Well if you put it that way...

Oh the perils of thrift shopping! When indecision gets the best of you only to be followed a-little-too-late by a "DOH!" Homer-moment. "Why didn't I get that? I know exactly what I could wear it with!" or "that was the perfect piece for that Yeti-inspired look!"  I can recall all to well how many moments I've had like this after thrift shopping and exactly what the pieces were I left behind.

Oh well! You win some, you lose some

Have you ever regretted not making a purchase? What was it?
Chanel Fall 2010 RTW x Style.Spot.Run. Faux Fur Jacket

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now and Then

The thrill and beauty of thrifting is that hidden somewhere between homemade fleece pajamas and acid washed flared jeans are one of a kind precious jewels like a vintage coat or a brand new dress with tags.  [NOTE: Just because it's thrifted does not mean it's vintage.] One thing all thrifted pieces have in common with vintage items is that there is a history; whether its the story of how it got there or where it's been worn.

My mom recently sent me her Faux Leopard Hooded Cape that she wore in the 70s. Amazing. I know. THANKS MOM! Somehow the hood on it gives it  futuristic edge even though its older than...old things.  The richness of the leopard print reminds me of the sleek Moschino Fall 2010 collection paired with deep black and bold red lips.  I wore it with my thrifted black velvet dress (last seen here), thrifted silver hammer cuff $2, and Sephora Lip Attitude in "Chic" C13.  It was also the perfect outfit to wear to Thanksgiving and conceal my food baby.

Clearly I've got a leopard obsession and I'm not letting it go anytime soon. I think I'll throw on all my thrifted leopard at once and put it in a single post so you don't get sick of seeing the same thing over and over. I've got so much leopard in store for you friends, just wait and see!

What's your favorite animal print to wear?
Me x Momma 1970
Moschino Fall 2010 via

Friday, November 26, 2010

Link Love: Get Thrifty

Sometimes I forget that not everyone spends their entire day scouring the internet for thrift-fashion content, nor do they spend hours on the internet adding endless amounts of clothing and shoes to their shopping cart abyss but then never actually buy anything. Not that I do that...*cough*

But if I did and if you were someone that didn't, I guess it would be my obligation to fill you in on all of the good stuff I am finding, RIGHT? Well then peoples here it goes. These are just a small sample of some of my favorite sites right now. Make sure to leave a comment and tell me your favorite of the group!

  • For their style-inspiring photos, amazing prices, and because they embody the reason for this blog. One day I will work for you Thrifted! Borderline amazing.
  • Beckerman Bite Plate Shop The Beckerman sisters, Canada's hottest export, are rich designer girls with untouchable tough edgy creative style. They buy all the expensive stuff we dream about and incorporate it with incredible self-crafted and vintage finds then show it off on their blog (check it out if you haven't), and now they are putting some of their vintage stuff on their online shop at amazingly reasonable prices. That's where we step in.
  • The Thrifters Check out fellow thrift-fashion blogger and southern genetlemen Dan Troppy's sweet chronicles of thrifting recycled luxury brands. Besides all of his incredible finds, he also encourges readers to send in their thrifting stories!
  • Goodwill Customer Loyalty Program If you spend as much time and money as I do at goodwill, this is a great way to get even further savings. It's like paying yourself to shop...or at least it feels that good.
  • 3 Tips for Thrift Lovemaking Hilarious posting by thrift blogger Thriftcore that tells you how to thrift shop and leave feeling "satisfied."
  • Fifi Lapin Has nothing to do with thrifting (although she occasionally incorporates a vintage outfit), this cute wittle bunny was too irresistable to pass up sharing! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Military School Girl

Last year I spotted an incredible streetstyle look in Lucky magazine's "Fashion Copycat" section. I know, I am starting to sound like a broken record...  She was wearing a pleated leather miniskirt and was all wrapped up for a chilly day in Paris.  Well from that point on I went on a rampage looking for one of those darn things because I pretty much will wear anything Lucky tells me too.  Finally my thrift universe was in my rising son (or whatever astrology terminology you're supposed to use) and I spot.ted this 100% Leather Pleated Tennis Skirt by Cuir du Monde for $14.99 at Salvation Army.

In trend with the all-weather leather look from Spring, pleated leather skirts made it big this Fall thanks to longstanding favorite designers like Proenza Schouler's Fall 2010 RTW collection or my recent discovery, 19-year old Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenco who presented his first collection at this years Fall Fashion Week in Paris.  Some of my favorite ready-to-wear versions are by Philip Lim, DVF, and Alice and Olivia for their tiny pleats and higher waists. On the streetstyle front fashion bloggers have been obsessed with a similar version by Zara.  A little tough mixed with a little sweet seems like a pretty solid equation to me.   

I pulled my look together with my thrifted Breton Striped Top $5 (last seen here and here) because I'm obsessed with this top and willing to channel my inner Jean Seberg whenever possible, my thrifted Zara Military Blazer $7.98, thrifted Mother of Pearl Ring $4 (last seen here), thrifted Bow & Pearl Earrings $2, Forever 21 booties, and my Fall purse staple a thrifted No-Name Top-Handle Leather Satchel (last seen here). I take that purse everywhere.

Do you like leather shorts, leather mini skirt, or neither for Fall?

Style.Spot.Run. x Lucky Magazine " Fashion Copycat"
Pedro Lourenco x Proenza Shouler
Left to Right: Golestaneh, Google Search, Liz from Late Afternoon, and  Easy Fashion.
Screenshot from Candy Pratts Fall 2010 Accessory Report via, Valextra Maxi Caju Bag ~$2,450

Photos taken by Ronnie From My Eye to Yours unless otherwise noted

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scotland Yard

I'm guilty of thrifting pieces that I know will only stay in my closet to fulfill the momentary thrill of a particular trend.  It isn't long before I am sending them back through the thrift-cycle to be discovered a few seasons later when the trend revitalizes... but hey, isn't that the whole idea of fashion?

Then there are those diamonds-in-the-rough that when you find you can only help but shout "aha! gotcha! you're mine forever!" and proceed to giggle uncontrollably like a total weirdo.  My Topshop Bustle-back Trench Swing Coat find was one of those moments. I thought it might have been some cruel joke being played on me as it was:
  1. My Size Exactly
  2. Topshop
  3. $13 dollars!!!
Months later and no angry letter threatening my life for the coat, I felt confident it wasn't a joke.

I saw a streetstyle image from Paris Fashion Week SS 2011 and I was immediately inspired.  Alongside her trench skirt she incorporated three current trends that I'm particularly drawn-to: bows, fur, and lace-ups.  It reminded me that taking traditional "Spring/Summer clothing" into the Fall is such an obvious trick to maximize your wardrobe and create fresh looks.  It's all about layering and mixing in classics people!

I warmed up my pretty trench with a faux-fur stole I spotted for $5 (last blogged about here) with a vintage large bow pin $4, hand-me-down Ralph Lauren Tartan tights, borrowed-from-my-roommate Anne Taylor LOFT Suede Ankle Boots, and a thrifted 1950s Red Compact Purse by Volupte that ran me $6.50.   My faux-fur stole reminds me of those british guards with bear hats! Did you know their hats are faux fur now after a long battle with PETA? You really do learn something new everyday...even if it's completely useless.
Left: Streetstyle Paris - Fashion Week SS'2011 Right: Style.Spot.Run. interpretation

Burberry Prorsum via  x Tao Okamoto for Vogue China September

image via
Photos by Ronnie from unless otherwise noted.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sneak Preview

Just came back from the second greatest-thrift-haul-of-all-time.  I can't tell you when the first greatest-thrift-haul-of-all-time happened because I always leave a slot open for future moments like this one.

 I don't have my camera on me so I had to take the picture on my cell phone - ugh, I know - that's a big blogger blunder.  There are so many amazing textures and prints happening in this picture I don't even know where to begin.  One of these pieces originally cost $550, but I only paid $15.99. Can you guess which one it is?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Art of Color

Feeling a little dark and serious after my leopard and leather outfit post so I thought I should put on something easy and more colorful.  My favorite thrifted printed blue/white dotted pants did just the trick! These were straight leg pants that I picked up for $2 and had tailored to fit a bit more harem style (not too extreme). 

Printed pants can ride a fine line between funky-cool and oh-no-pajama especially when they are a casual material like cotton.  You can find some strong examples of how to pull off printed pants compiled at WhoWhatWear  here. Somehow I think I managed to make my printed pants look casual without being too pajama-esque even in flat tennis shoes but I prefer to wear these with a lace-up boot, leather jacket, and long layered sweater.

Everything from head to toe is thrifted from St. Vincent de Paul except for the chambray button-up from Target, gifted orange wood bracelet, and my underwear. Oh and YES ma'am, I thrifted the Hot Pink Flats by Theory for $6.50 in perfect condition!  All of these clothes also happen to be the best of the casual clothes I have left before it's laundry time...hence the choice of the photoshoot location and extreme product placement....
Product Placement.

not sure what this face means....

Jean Vest by Limited Too $4.99 x Polka Dot Pants $2 x Hot Pink Laceups by Theory $6.50 x Turquoise Ring $2 x Pink Bangle $1 x Pink Briefcase by FS Originals $4. 

All items thrifted at St.Vincent De Paul Thrift Store 
All pictures taken by Ronnie of

The Perfect Dose of Tomboy Chic

SPOT.ted these grape colored Desert Boots by MUNRO for $7.50 at St. Vincent De Paul awhile back after seeing a similar pair by Pedro Garcia for $460 in the February 2010 Lucky Magazine "Accessories Report." Desert Boots were originated by Clarks shoe company in the 1950s inspired by the suede crepe soled boots worn by British officers in WWII.  Even though my thrifted version are missing the light crepe sole, I'm sure they'd still hold up well on a desert trek. They are even made in the U.S.A.!

It was surprisingly hard to find style inspiration of women wearing FLAT desert boots. Especially when most of the fashion forward desert boots out now all have wedge heels (which I admit I covet), but even more so when you are looking for people wearing eye-popping brightly colored desert boots. Maybe they should call them DESSERT boots instead? YUMMMMM dessert!!  AnYWhO....

I was about to give up on my women-in-desert-boot-STYLE.inspiration hunt when I realized that would just be plain STYLE.discrimination (slash lazy) because men can be great style inspirations too!  So here's a few ideas ladies and gents. I've even included some images of neutral color desert boots just to prove to you there's no discrimination of any kind happening here.

Desert Boot Street Style via
Man in London via x Linolumixa via
J. Crew November Catalogue  x  Facehunter

Band of Outsiders SS2011 x Lacoste Fall 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Digg Your {THRIFT} Style

Another round up' of chic{THRIFT}topians that will have you google mapping the nearest thrift store.
 But really, you should do that.

Thrifted Dress x Cheap Thrills 
Thrifted Skirt x Twitch Vintage
Thrifted Shirt x Popcultureafternoon
Thrifted Coat x City of Bugs
Thrifted Sweater x Riennahera
Thrifted Floral Shirt/faux fur vest & Leopard Shoes by JennyFromtheBlock

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Kitty Is Untamed

My Kitty is untamed - she sticks out her tongue at everyone! I suppose thats why I like her.  I first Spotted Kitty at Goodwill right before I moved to New York.  She was marked  $1.99 since she was missing a chain but I thrifted the perfect solid gold twist chain that same day for $.99 cents.  Totally worth every penny

Since Kitty and I are pretty much partners in crime it's only fair that I dress the part from time to time.  I channeled my inner mischevious bad-kitty with my trusty thrifted vintage Ray Ban cat eye sunglasses (last seen here).  These pretty kitties were only $2.99 whoops $1.60 at Salvation Army! How I landed my paws on these I'll never know...fate?
While I'd love to go full-on Cat Women in a leather jumpsuit, the next closest thing I could thrift were 100% Leather Shorts by Don't Stop! $4.99 from Goodwill. Leather shorts, trademarked on the runways by Chloe, are the most unexpectedly flexible wardrobe staple. I find them easy to wear day or night even though at first the "all-weather leather" trend seen on the Spring 2010 runways seemed like a contradicting concept.  To answer LoveBrownSugar's question, I think Leather Shorts are fierce NOT foolish!
Vogue Paris x Chloe Fall 2009
Alexander Wang SS2010 x Style.Spot.Run.
I paired the shorts with my H&M Leopard button-up, thrifted Leopard Pony Hair belt by Tanner $3 from Salvation Army, thrifted Black Pebble Suede Envelope Clutch with Leopard Pony Hair by Sven Design San Francisco $6.99 from Goodwill, and faux-leather platform thigh-high boots from Forever21. I tried to cram as much thrifted leopard print and leather as I could into one outfit without it screaming "Love Motel meets Dominatrix".  Hopefully I'm a touch classier than that! Just a touch.
Alexander Wang Cher Siamese Clutch in Leopard via

All photos taken by Ronnie of From My Eye to Yours 
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