Sunday, September 19, 2010

misty technocolor memories

Summer 2010 was memorable for two reasons: Marc Jacobs and the zoo.

 The oversized solid color bows anchor the mix of small and enlarged patterns in bright pastels. The stacked chunky bangels, ankle-wrap espaidrilles, cinched waist, and full skirts give the look a quarky creative play on the childlike whimsy of going to the zoo as a grown-up.

Photos from, Marc Jacobs SS 2010.
It just so happens that my best friends sister's condo gives privy to a courtyard jungle full of greenery, butterflies, blooming flowers, and a few adorable dogs...the perfect backdrop for a Marc-Jacobs-at-the-Zoo inspired photoshoot.

ALL ITEMS THRIFTED. Leather Woven Bucket Purse $6; Khaki Dress $10; Belt made in Guatamala $4; Bracelets $2-$4

Thanks to my adorable best friend Lizzie for her time and patience during the shoot! Love you.


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