Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nature, it is good, non?

Happy EarthDay! OR as the French would say...."Nature, it is good, non?"

Well maybe not all the French would say that but Aurélie Bidermann certainly wouldn't disagree. She loves this planet and she's got the accessories to prove it: from a giant spider pendant and lionshead bracelet to a coral choker or real swan feathers all coated in one of nature's elements - gold. She is even trained in gemology! This femme knows her earth to the core.

In earth's honor, or rather, in my excitement I Spotted. two lovely Aurélie-esque pieces. While I would love to buy from her collection it would truly give me a Run. for my money! So here's to all things earthly (that includes you, me, and Aurélie).

Style. Gold Elephant Bracelet by Aurelie Bidermann ($500). Spot. Cable and gold elephant bracelet Run. $6

Style. Leaf Bracelet by Aurelie Bidermann (Price unknown) Spot. Sterling Silver Leaf Bracelet Run. $6
Photo: Candy Pratt's Fall 2010 Accessory Report

Bonne Journee De La Terre!

Pastel Collision: A color story

Once upon a time, very recently, five designers an ice cream cone and my universe all collided...
Peter Pilotto SS2010, Ports 1961 S2010, MiuMiuFW2010, Rag&BoneSS2010, BalenciagaSS2010 . Photos:
Photos: &

Dress: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent (Run. $9.86) Top: T-bags Los Angeles (Run. $14.99)
COLOR STORY: Delicate pastels and pastel brights

You know the old saying: "The way to a woman's heart is by satisfying their sweet tooth?" Ok, so maybe it doesn't go exactly like that, but you get the point. There is clearly one thing on everyone's mind when summer hits: ICE CREAM!!

Well designers are humans too and they were thinking about ice cream just as much as everyone else and how sweet and delicious it is.... and who doesn't want to be sweet and delicious in the summertime?

*getting to the point now*

Peter Pilatto, Ports 1961, and Miu Miu (Fall 2010 show) all used a color combo of soft lilac and a punch of orange that could be best described as sweet and delicious - with a bite. It reminded me a lot of Balenciaga's Spring show even though they used a different color theme (deep lilac and bright mint green for a punch).

I tend to think that Pastels are young and outdated, but these looks were fresh, attractive, and playful. They meld nicely with this season's nude color trend. I was also happy to see Balenciaga and Rag&Bone incorporate the classic white blouse. Pairing the tuxedo blouse with the A-line cut muted floral skirt peaking about the bottom gave Rag & Bone's miliatary look a softer approach.

There's definitely a conspiracy going on where designers are all going to the same ice-cream shop and strategizing. They know our favorite flavors too.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hands on your hips

14. 04. 2010 confessional.  I've been a wee obsessed with this breton striped top I thrifted that only Ran. me $5. It always seems to give my outfit the little bit of Spring Ooomph it needs! Makes me want to put my hands on my hips hands and so naturally that is what I did.

I loved every bit of Rebecca Taylor's spring Style. and of course this breton stripe and metallic combo.
Rebecca Taylor Spring 2010. Photo from
Thrifted top (unkown); Skirt (Plastic Island); Thrifted shoes (Faces - Made in Brazil)
I know I keep talking about Spring! and Happy! and Color! and Pattern! and then WAM BAM THANK YA MAAM, my outfit is all black and a little BLAH. But please believe me when I say the midwest weather cannot make up its mind. I also just saw that my right toe is hanging over my shoe in the photo above ^^^. Oh well, I like this next photo >>> but I can't stop thinking about how I'd wear it differently to brighten it up!
Thrifted top; Thrifted Elephant-Lock Bracelet;Thrifted Belt; Thrifted Rhinestone Arrow Necklace; Skirt (Plastic Island)

Ok, here is my wishlist for this outfit re-do: nude tights or sheer patterned tights or some sheer tights like these Chanel Sheer Striped Tights (LOVE) or even no tights, and no belt, and instead of a delicate chain I would wear a chunky turquoise necklace and metallic cuff.

Things I liked the first time around that I  would keep in my out-fit re-do :

1) 100% THRIFTED 1970s-esque wooden cut-out wedges with woven leather straps by Faces. Made in Brazil.  Oh and I wish they came in Cobalt Blue...thanks photoshop.
2) 100% THRIFTED elephant lov-embrace-let and I will never take it off since now that I can't stop looking at Sea of Shoes blogs' lovely Style. and her penchant for animal jewelry, I want me some too!
Thrifted Elephant-Lock Bracelet; Thrifted Rhinestone Arrow Necklace; When Royals Wore Ruffles (Chesley McLaren and Pamela Jaber)

3) I could not be more pleased with my early birthday present from my cousin, When Royals Wore Ruffles  by Chesley (NOT Chelsey) McLaren and Pamela Jaber, which is the history of style in alphabet form with super sweet illustrations I want to tear out and use as artwork on my walls....

I think I really might just be channeling a Modern Day Hamburglar....
The end.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I think we'd all agree that nothing could cure a case of the CLOSET BLAAHS like building a whole new wardrobe from the GILES SPRING 2010 RTW LINE & MILLY SPRING 2010 RTW!!

But let's get real - we certinaly can't afford to do that now can we kids?? Instead hows about picking up two of Mr. Giles and Miss Milly's (Michelle Smith) helpful Style.cue's:

an injection of
color & pattern

Ouch! I think someone just hit me really hard with a genius stick.

Mon petit coeur could hardly wait to share these Style.Spot.Run.s with you so I decided to document it all with a classy cell phone photo shoot (editors "why-I-LOVE-it" or w-I-L-i Notes included).

You better sit down now, the professionalism here will astound you.


Is it just me or are the SS2010 trends a bit neurotic? They say: we love all over nude/neutral and then they say: make a statement or go home. So I chose the latter.

"w-I-L-i" Notes: The classic neckline, three-quarter length sleeves, and giant pleats of the Paisley dress only needs a few minor adjustments (the top is a litte big). I am going to shorten the hem-length to give it a more youthful and modern appeal....something similar to the Clements Ribeiro Fall 2010 RTW paisley dress....

The asian-inspired garden theme Red flower dress is a fresh and accessible ode to Dolce & Gabanna Spring 2010 meets Vivienne Westwood's Spring 2010 looks without going all-out Kabuki. Braided detailing at the shoulders and a deep-v back put the frosting on the cake.
Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010. Photo:

Paisley dress by Colonial Miss. Red flower dress by Forever21. RUN: $5 EACH


BLUE is definitely having a moment this Spring! From Proenza Schouler to Thakoon we see shades of turqouise, cobalt, and sky blue. We also see lots of bold colors mixed in with dazzling tribal prints for a fresh take on a Spring classic theme.

Dries Van Noten Spring 2010
"w-I-L-i" Notes: There is something seriously SEXY about COBALT BLUE!! 

 The simple pattern in white keeps this dress from looking like a giant ocean MuuMuu. Also, I cut the picture off at the waist because I am still playing around with its design. This is a perfect layering piece for a casual friday or weekend-play.  

Bold N' Blue dress by Marty Gutmacher. RUN: $6.83


This spring we're seeing lots of abstract and digital prints, large and small vivid florals and futuristic geometric patterns. These pieces say notice me! and don't take your eyes away!

"w-I-L-i" Notes: The dress is like a piece of "wearable art." The all-over pattern is an impressionist throwdown of Monet meets Van Gogh. The pattern is printed on chiffon with a teal acetate underlay. I couldn't help but think how much it reminded me of the twelfth street by cynthia vincent midnight garden dress! Do you agree?? I am going to re-work the length and styling with some pleats and tucks...maybe even one shoulder like this Halston Heritage at Selfridges&Co:

 HELLO birthday dress!

midnight garden - No label. RUN: $5.50

STYLE: Color & All-over pattern
SPOT: Pasiley dress, Red flower print dress, Cobalt blue/white dress, and Midnight garden dress
RUN: $22 total


Thanks to the Style Rookie for the introduction to Giles Deacon's Spring 2010 line!
Start quote - My wardrobe is looking fresher than a
spring chicken - End quote. ellipsis. applause.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Spring is calling - Breton Stripes & COOL Cat-Eye Sunglasses! What are these stripes of breton you ask? Hailing from the french province Brittany situated between the English Channel and Bay of Biscay, the Style. was donned and trademarked by Coco Chanel as an easy to wear figure-friendly nod to the sailor stripe. Nothing says Spring like a little I right or am I showing my stripes? Womp womp.

While I much prefer Erin Wasson's Spring 2010 showcase over Karen Walker's, they both accomplished one thing ---> showing how VERSATILE breton stripes can be!

Sweet and playful, rocker & edgy, casual or dressy. You can work-in a basic cotton top, or better yet a breton stripe top with sparkles A LA Balmain 2009 or even better yet a breton stripe sequin dress A LA Markus Lupfer! Ok, done dreaming.

NO, THESE STRIPES DO NOT MAKE YOU LOOK FAT. You only look fat if you eat McDonalds for 30 days - BUT then again you can make a documentary of it, you could call it Super Size Me, sell it for meal-ions, and hire a personal trainer. In no time you'll be back to looking like Janet Jackson in 2002. Brilliant, I tell ya, brilliant.

I Spot.ted a bold breton stripe in a classic black/white combo, three quarter sleeves, cotton/spandex blend. Best $5 investment this girl has ever made. Mmm...thus far.

NOT DONE! HA! There's more where that came from.

You did read the first bolded sentence which says COOL sunglasses, right?

Well, here I was zipping through my inbox full of fashion blast goodies and I stumbled upon a link in Refinery 29 to an article about COOL sunglasses! Who doesn't want some of those?

To be more specific they are a great line of AFFORDABLE sunglasses by Cheap Monday that you can buy at this fun boutique called Alter and they just came out with a line called Clairvoyant which is pratical meets hip meets unisex. Whats not to love again? (deep breath after that run-on sentence...jeepers).

I was at the thrift store because that's where I love to shop and that's what this whole blog is about and there I saw them - just waiting for me - Clairvoyant meets Macauly Culkin in Michael Jackson's Black or White Video. Ironically, they are in both black AND white. Now THIS is DEFINITELY the best 60 cent investment I have EVER made!

STYLE: Black/White
SPOT: breton strip top & round cat eye sunglasses
RUN: $5.60 (total)
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