Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dress The Part

I've been stashing a collection of dresses that I thought deserved a special occasion to be worn.  They were all thrifted from the Salvation Army for less than $10 a piece but ended up needing a few alterations. If you are going to be a regular thrifter you must either learn how to sew, find yourself a tailor, or learn how to leave things behind that aren't your size.

You may recall last seeing these vintage dresses here - the paisley pattern dress was knee-length with a boatneck and the watercolor print was floor-length with a halter top. I knew when I thrifted these pieces that they would all need some TLC from the tailor before I could bring them out of hiding, and since both dresses were only $5 to begin with they were completely worth the additional investment. 

If I were to have it my way and take any sort of realistic approach to dressing for New Years Eve out of the equation, I could have a dress to match every major event of the night. But since I'm not starring in a music video on New Years Eve (and that's the only way this many outfit changes would ever be possible after a champagne toast) I guess I'll have to chalk it up to the best way to fit three different dresses in a blog post...

What are you wearing for New Years?

#1 The Toast
THRIFTED StellaT Metallic Dress and THRIFTED Whiting&Davis Chainmail Clutch
Shoes - Belle by Sigerson Morrison, Bracelet - Borrowed, Ring - Forever21

#2 The Ball Drops
THRIFTED Vintage Colonial Miss SSRevamped, No Label and THRIFTED chain necklace worn as bracelet. MarcbyMarc Studded Clutch, Bakers Heels

#3 The Fireworks
THRIFTED Vintage Watercolor SSRevamped, No Label and THRIFTED earrings,

All photos by Ronnie - From My Eye To Yours

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  1. they all came out great! I'm pretty glad I can sew things myself in order to fix many a thrifted thing that needed some love. It really makes a difference as you can see first hand here!

  2. Thanks Eli! I need to post the before pictures somewhere in there so you can see the transformation...it seems like such an oxymoron that a vintage dress could be so modern!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE last look - gorgeous!



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