Monday, November 29, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some

My friend and I recently stopped by the Salvation Army where I found those scary purple furry boots that I posted on Halloween (see here).  This location must attract furry creatures, hopefully not actual creatures, because I'm pretty sure I spotted the inspiration piece behind Chanel's Fall 2010 yeti costume.  My friend said it looked more like a ruffled bear which to me automatically made it that much more appealing.
Yeti or ruffled bear? I'm not afraid.

In the end after a long bout of indecision (mostly because it was $20) I decided it was best to part ways.  Later I slightly regretted my choice when I saw Samantha of Beckerman Bite Plate rock a similar giant black furry jacket and call it "Nordic/Gorilla Chic."  Well if you put it that way...

Oh the perils of thrift shopping! When indecision gets the best of you only to be followed a-little-too-late by a "DOH!" Homer-moment. "Why didn't I get that? I know exactly what I could wear it with!" or "that was the perfect piece for that Yeti-inspired look!"  I can recall all to well how many moments I've had like this after thrift shopping and exactly what the pieces were I left behind.

Oh well! You win some, you lose some

Have you ever regretted not making a purchase? What was it?
Chanel Fall 2010 RTW x Style.Spot.Run. Faux Fur Jacket

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  1. my thing is that you'll probably come across something similar in the future. Thats why I dont fret about not purchasing things, even vintage stuff you'll come across multiples some times

    the only thing I ever regret not getting was a half dress/half tuxedo thing that was soooo awesomely weird and cool. To this day I wish I had it!

  2. Eli so true! In the end they are just "things" but its easy to convince yourself otherwise when you're in the moment. Or maybe that just my shopping addiction talking....

    The half dress/half tuxedo sounds pretty unusually fantastic. hopefully you'll come across it again soon!!

  3. I regret not purchasing this dress, Adjacente by René Derhy, the first day I saw it. It was a particularly sunny fall afternoon in Paris, and I was shopping... I saw this dress yellow, but hesitated to buy it, with it's matching cape... I thought about it and came back to the boutique a few days later to find that they were out of the yellow one. Many searches later, I ended up with a black one, which is still awesome, but in fall colors, and not in that Peacock feather sort of way. To this day, I still search e-bay to see if someone would like to sell me their yellow Adjacente dress...

  4. @daughterofaneutoricmother - the dress in the link you sent has great colors! It's even worse when you are thrift shopping and leave something because usually its only one size, one color, one dress available.

  5. how crazy is that jacket?? and of course i always regret not buying things. but i guess thats just how thrifting works!

    xx raez

  6. Yes. Just this week, I too passed up the cutest jacket at Goodwill and the person right behind me snatched it up as soon as I placed it back on the rack. But at least I stayed within budget and still got the leather vest I was also in love with.

  7. @Raez - You are right. thats just the way the story goes sometimes.

    @Ashley - Ooo can't wait to see that leather vest! Sounds like you did well.

  8. I've definitely regretted not scooping things up and it KILLS me. So now I just buy it if I have that pang of want... I'm not the most logical person when it comes to thrifting though. Mama gets what Mama wants!

  9. @Michelle - sometimes its best to be illogical when it comes to thrifting! I love your bank account doesn't always love it though;-)




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