Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scotland Yard

I'm guilty of thrifting pieces that I know will only stay in my closet to fulfill the momentary thrill of a particular trend.  It isn't long before I am sending them back through the thrift-cycle to be discovered a few seasons later when the trend revitalizes... but hey, isn't that the whole idea of fashion?

Then there are those diamonds-in-the-rough that when you find you can only help but shout "aha! gotcha! you're mine forever!" and proceed to giggle uncontrollably like a total weirdo.  My Topshop Bustle-back Trench Swing Coat find was one of those moments. I thought it might have been some cruel joke being played on me as it was:
  1. My Size Exactly
  2. Topshop
  3. $13 dollars!!!
Months later and no angry letter threatening my life for the coat, I felt confident it wasn't a joke.

I saw a streetstyle image from Paris Fashion Week SS 2011 and I was immediately inspired.  Alongside her trench skirt she incorporated three current trends that I'm particularly drawn-to: bows, fur, and lace-ups.  It reminded me that taking traditional "Spring/Summer clothing" into the Fall is such an obvious trick to maximize your wardrobe and create fresh looks.  It's all about layering and mixing in classics people!

I warmed up my pretty trench with a faux-fur stole I spotted for $5 (last blogged about here) with a vintage large bow pin $4, hand-me-down Ralph Lauren Tartan tights, borrowed-from-my-roommate Anne Taylor LOFT Suede Ankle Boots, and a thrifted 1950s Red Compact Purse by Volupte that ran me $6.50.   My faux-fur stole reminds me of those british guards with bear hats! Did you know their hats are faux fur now after a long battle with PETA? You really do learn something new everyday...even if it's completely useless.
Left: Streetstyle Paris - Fashion Week SS'2011 Right: Style.Spot.Run. interpretation

Burberry Prorsum via  x Tao Okamoto for Vogue China September

image via
Photos by Ronnie from unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Hi there,
    I came across a comment you made on Refinery29 regarding the how-to guide on becoming a successful style blogger. I couldn't agree more with your way of shopping. I just started my blog and need a little motivation because it's not only exciting but also a little depressing when your blog only has 6 Google friends and 2 Bloglovin subscribers. I would love some advice and I'm also itching to find out what your favorite thrift stores are. I live in Southern California and am always looking for the next big deal.

    Thanks, Ashley.

  2. Hey Ashley,

    Thanks so much for reaching out and leaving a comment! In fact - that is exactly the best thing to do to get more people to your blog. So HOORAY for going a step in the right direction:-) The best pieces of advice I can offer is #1 Content - post as often as possible and be original as possible. #2-tell your friends #3-get involved in others blogs and join IFB - independent fashion bloggers.

    Feel free to email me: and we can talk some more!


  3. ohhh and I love Salvation Army and Goodwill because #1 they are EVERYWHERE #2 they offer savings programs!

  4. Clearly, I love the fuuuuur you're sporting. They are all the rage in SK. Way to be intercontinental ^^

  5. ooo in SK?! Now i feel really cool:-p



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