Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now and Then

The thrill and beauty of thrifting is that hidden somewhere between homemade fleece pajamas and acid washed flared jeans are one of a kind precious jewels like a vintage coat or a brand new dress with tags.  [NOTE: Just because it's thrifted does not mean it's vintage.] One thing all thrifted pieces have in common with vintage items is that there is a history; whether its the story of how it got there or where it's been worn.

My mom recently sent me her Faux Leopard Hooded Cape that she wore in the 70s. Amazing. I know. THANKS MOM! Somehow the hood on it gives it  futuristic edge even though its older than...old things.  The richness of the leopard print reminds me of the sleek Moschino Fall 2010 collection paired with deep black and bold red lips.  I wore it with my thrifted black velvet dress (last seen here), thrifted silver hammer cuff $2, and Sephora Lip Attitude in "Chic" C13.  It was also the perfect outfit to wear to Thanksgiving and conceal my food baby.

Clearly I've got a leopard obsession and I'm not letting it go anytime soon. I think I'll throw on all my thrifted leopard at once and put it in a single post so you don't get sick of seeing the same thing over and over. I've got so much leopard in store for you friends, just wait and see!

What's your favorite animal print to wear?
Me x Momma 1970
Moschino Fall 2010 via

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  1. oh i love the leopard print!!! it looks fabulous!!

  2. Thanks lovely! Its really soft a blanket. xo

  3. For awhile I thought the leopard print coats were too much, but I think I have changed my mind. I love that Moschino one.....


  4. @Megan, for me when it comes to leopard print it's never too much! Give me more leoparddd

  5. What a gorgeous coat! And so cool that it was your Mom's!

  6. @Rach - Thanks! It's the ONE thing she ever saved!



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