Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Kitty Is Untamed

My Kitty is untamed - she sticks out her tongue at everyone! I suppose thats why I like her.  I first Spotted Kitty at Goodwill right before I moved to New York.  She was marked  $1.99 since she was missing a chain but I thrifted the perfect solid gold twist chain that same day for $.99 cents.  Totally worth every penny

Since Kitty and I are pretty much partners in crime it's only fair that I dress the part from time to time.  I channeled my inner mischevious bad-kitty with my trusty thrifted vintage Ray Ban cat eye sunglasses (last seen here).  These pretty kitties were only $2.99 whoops $1.60 at Salvation Army! How I landed my paws on these I'll never know...fate?
While I'd love to go full-on Cat Women in a leather jumpsuit, the next closest thing I could thrift were 100% Leather Shorts by Don't Stop! $4.99 from Goodwill. Leather shorts, trademarked on the runways by Chloe, are the most unexpectedly flexible wardrobe staple. I find them easy to wear day or night even though at first the "all-weather leather" trend seen on the Spring 2010 runways seemed like a contradicting concept.  To answer LoveBrownSugar's question, I think Leather Shorts are fierce NOT foolish!
Vogue Paris x Chloe Fall 2009
Alexander Wang SS2010 x Style.Spot.Run.
I paired the shorts with my H&M Leopard button-up, thrifted Leopard Pony Hair belt by Tanner $3 from Salvation Army, thrifted Black Pebble Suede Envelope Clutch with Leopard Pony Hair by Sven Design San Francisco $6.99 from Goodwill, and faux-leather platform thigh-high boots from Forever21. I tried to cram as much thrifted leopard print and leather as I could into one outfit without it screaming "Love Motel meets Dominatrix".  Hopefully I'm a touch classier than that! Just a touch.
Alexander Wang Cher Siamese Clutch in Leopard via

All photos taken by Ronnie of From My Eye to Yours 

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  1. those are the boots from F21?! they look great!! how come I never see those in the store? what a great, sexy outfit

  2. Thanks Eli! Yes...i'm so impressed by their shoes these days. They are even pretty comfortable!

  3. i love that purse! and your sexy butt, duh.

  4. love the thrifting, work it girl, and the language you use to describe it all! I really like the outfit. how many hours did it take to find everything?

    patience. I had to look that up today and look at the first definition it gave me:
    1 the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset : you can find bargains if you have the patience to sift through the dross.

    Besos chica
    Thank you for keeping me updated on fashion culture

  5. @Maggie - it's yours when I'm through;-)

    @Rhiannon - Thanks!! This is all from three separate shopping trips actually. I always wander in the thrift store so probably 3 hours...and 1.5 as spend shopping.

    Also, I love that definition. Im soo using it. Patience is key when you thrift. Hope all is well. xoxo

  6. ahhhhhhh this is ahmazzing!!!! well done!!!long live thrift!!!!

  7. Thanks for stoppin by Girl! Still loving your blog too - - all those colors.




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