Monday, October 25, 2010

laid-back luxe

No work on Friday so I decided to wander along and check out a different Salvation Army location than the usual.  The thrifting universe and my universe must have collided because somehow I also ended up discovering a Goodwill store before I even got to my original destination! WOO HOO! Completely UNplanned, I swear.

With the chilly fall weather and my limited selection of warm clothing all I could think about was finding ultra cozy sweaters.  I had seen many of the Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear collections filled with chunky knits and graphic monochromatic neutral textures so I was excited to see what Style reruns I could find for a steal. 

Just my luck I came across two fantastic pieces that only cost me $4.99 each!  I Spotted an oversized polka-dot sweater with dolman sleeves.  The short hem and bold graphic pattern reminded me of the Missoni Fall 2010 RTW collection styling.  It's thin enough to be layered with a button-up and jacket but still keeps me warm. Plus it has shoulder pads! Enough said.  

 Top Left: Photos from Missoni Fall 2010 RTW. Top Right: Grey and White Oversized Polka Dot Sweater $4.99 Thrifted at Salvation Army.

My favorite of the two Style Spots is this heather grey soft cotton acrylic knit sweater - borderline amazing!  The dolman sleeves are oversized but not overwhelming and the tightened wrist spans long enough to cuff.

I can't get over how much the cryptic pattern reminds me of a fuzzy T.V. screen or even one of those "Composition" notebooks. RIGHT?!  I think we might have another FASHEMATICS post on its way!
Left: Grey Cotton & Acrylic Sweater Made in Italy $4.99 Thrifted @ Goodwill . Right: Photo from Isabel Marant Fall 2010 RTW and Photo from Oscar De La Renta Fall 2010 RTW. Bottom: Clear Glass Frames $.99 Thrifted @ St. Vincent De Paul (Madison, WI).

On my recent trip to San Francisco when I Spotted the amazing Pierre Cardin gold lame sweater see here, I also managed to scoop up even more sparkle with these black sequin pointy toe loafers for a whopping $6.49! BAM!  So sparkley they make me feel like Michael Jackson! Errr...dancing like him.

The black beaded chain straip purse was a thrifty steal at the St. Vincent De Paul in Madison, WI.   This is the second detailed beaded piece "made in Macau" that I've thrifted. That is one very patient beader!

Left: Black Sequin Flats by Prima Royale $6.49 Thrifted @ Goodwill (San Francisco)   Right: Photos from Isabel Marant Fall 2010 RTW. Bottom: Black Beaded Purse by DC Kaiho $7.48 (Made in Macau) Thrifted at St. Vincent De Paul (Madison, WI) Pearl Ring from friend.
Personal photos were taken by Ronnie Johnson of From My Eye to Yours. Thank you Ronnie!

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  1. I LOVE what you've done with this post! Such a clever idea to pair your thrifted outfits with runway trends. I'm so jel of your cozy grey sweaters! Next time pick one up for me ;)

    Cece from LoveBrownSugar

  2. Thanks Cece! Feel free to share with your friends;-) And for $4.99 a sweater I might even get you two!

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