Thursday, October 21, 2010

Metallic Attack

Since I'm a fashion blogger of sorts, I guess I better show you something like...
Black Dress - JONATHAN SAUNDERS x TARGET;  Leopard Tights - Forever21; Belt - thrifted;  Wool Hat - thrifted, Bermona Trend London; Boots - MIA; Sweater Dress - Pierre Cardin 
And then I should probably tell you something like...
Well I recently visited my sister in San Rafael and had the most amazing thrift haul at Goodwill. Since I moved from Wisconsin to New York, seeing low thrift prices again gave me momentary sticker shock. Thankfully I recovered in time to discover some true "gems," or shall I say "diamonds in the rough."

One of my favorites is this Gold and Silver Lame Sweater Dress by Pierre Cardin for $6.97.
It's straight out of the 80's and pure fantastic.

  Besides being completely obsessed with my new thrifted sweater, I've been addicted to the cutting-edge blog FASHEMATICS <3 <3 <3 that I heard about through one of my blogger-crushes STOP IT RIGHT NOW.  FASHEMATICS is a creative brainy fashion mashup that also manages to make math appealing and people L.O.L. simultaneously.  Make sure you check it out if you haven't!
alt + click

That's all I have for today. Who knows, maybe another post tomorrow? Oh and since FASHEMATICS encourages participation, I couldn't think of anything more appropriate than to leave you with my very own...

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  1. Love it! Two questions, when you say MIA sweater, do you mean it resembles MIA, or that MIA actually has her own clothing?? Second, did you use photoshop to get that beauteous dress to stand alone?

    Heart, whoamygoodness

  2. LOVE it. I wish I resembled 80s magazine covers.

  3. @WhoaMYgoodness - MIA shoes are the brand. Unfortunately not related to the singer...but equally cool!

    and YES to photoshop and all its amazing tools.

    Thanks for the feedback! xo poca



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