Thursday, May 27, 2010


I love the juxtaposition of hard & soft materials. It can turn an outfit from dressy to daytime or sweet to night. I recently stumbledupon a finnish born designer and trendsetter that knows the beauty of this contrast. Introducing: FINSK by Julia Lundsten. She's been around since 2004 and has steadily planted her footsteps bringing light to her brave designs. She takes the combo of leather & wood to a whole new level (and new heights). The heels are crafted from sustainable exotic hardwood and made in a small atelier in Brazil.

Julia paired up with Ports 1961 and Basso & Brooke for their S/S 2010 collections to create sculptural geometric dream wedges and gossip worthy heels. Believe it or not, there were even a few practical shoes in the collection *yawn* BUT since it's not as fun being practical and also for my personal amusement, have fun gazing at these butes below...AND If you can imagine or even handle it, the A/W 10/11 PORTS 1961 collabo and the A/W 10/11 Basso & Brooke collabo gets even sexier!

Julia Lundsten for PORTS 1961 S/S 2010. Photos:
Julie Lundsten for Basso&Brook S/S 2010. Photos:
ONCE AGAIN the style bubble TRUMPS ALL when she unveiled her Jil Sander SS 2010 cream and wood delights which are basically FINSK shoes gone organic and wild. They also sort remind me of thick bent fish bones meets rustic italian farm door - anyone else think so?  
Photo: StyleBubble. Jill Sander S/S 2010 patent leather and wooden wedge. 5" inches of pure joy.

Couldn't sleep this weekend so I thought what better time for my first nighttime photo shoot. A little bit sexy, a little bit home-made.

Just doin' my thing - spinnin on the one's and two's

The hott model is my sister. The shoes are a wee bit on the small side. The location: my deck. Go figure.
Style.Spot.Run. WOOD + LEATHER. Aldo cream patent leather pumps with wood heel;Vintage Bequizo international chain strap raffia purse (my new summer go-to), leather pencil skirt, vintage sheer red top, and random wood ring.

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