Thursday, May 6, 2010

History Repeating

For an extra-sensory experience, let the music play while you look at the pictures and read my ramblins'...

Not the smooth jazz music you expected? Sorry to disappoint.
Thrifting is about what we notice and why we notice it. Heck, that's what all shopping is about. That's also why there's magazines (or "glossies" if you want to be cute) so that we are cued in on what we should buy. You see how this whole media marketing thing works? I'm not trying to be clever this is just what makes the world go round.

Frankly, the point to take in after looking through the pictures is summed up in the lyrics of the song that you should still have playing at an appropriate sound level in the background:

"The newspapers shout a new style is growing,
but it don't know if it's coming or going,
there is fashion, there is fad
some is good, some is bad
and the joke is rather sad,
that its all just a little bit of history repeating."

Photo. InStyle March 2010. Style. nOir rhodium plated studded cuff $250 Spot: Silver stud cuff Run. $4

Photo. InStyle March 2010. Style. Tous Fleur earrings of pink and blue opals set in 18kt gold $719 Spot. Mother of pearl fleur earrings Run. $6

Photo. InStyle March 2010. Style. Suede Loafers, Tod's $395 Spot. Guidabene BERNARDO Moccasin Shoes Run. $7.50

Photo. Urban Outfitters May 2010 Catalog Style. UO Beaded Collar $38 Spot. Pearl collar Run. $6

Photo. Nylon Magazine May 2010 Style. "Cat Power" Norma Kamali Eyewear $250 Spot. Ray Ban toirtoise Cat Eye Run. $1.60

"Yes I've seen it before...
and I'll see it again...
just little bits of history repeating"
(Propellerheads ft. Shirley Bassey - History Repeating)

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