Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pastel Collision: A color story

Once upon a time, very recently, five designers an ice cream cone and my universe all collided...
Peter Pilotto SS2010, Ports 1961 S2010, MiuMiuFW2010, Rag&BoneSS2010, BalenciagaSS2010 . Photos:
Photos: &

Dress: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent (Run. $9.86) Top: T-bags Los Angeles (Run. $14.99)
COLOR STORY: Delicate pastels and pastel brights

You know the old saying: "The way to a woman's heart is by satisfying their sweet tooth?" Ok, so maybe it doesn't go exactly like that, but you get the point. There is clearly one thing on everyone's mind when summer hits: ICE CREAM!!

Well designers are humans too and they were thinking about ice cream just as much as everyone else and how sweet and delicious it is.... and who doesn't want to be sweet and delicious in the summertime?

*getting to the point now*

Peter Pilatto, Ports 1961, and Miu Miu (Fall 2010 show) all used a color combo of soft lilac and a punch of orange that could be best described as sweet and delicious - with a bite. It reminded me a lot of Balenciaga's Spring show even though they used a different color theme (deep lilac and bright mint green for a punch).

I tend to think that Pastels are young and outdated, but these looks were fresh, attractive, and playful. They meld nicely with this season's nude color trend. I was also happy to see Balenciaga and Rag&Bone incorporate the classic white blouse. Pairing the tuxedo blouse with the A-line cut muted floral skirt peaking about the bottom gave Rag & Bone's miliatary look a softer approach.

There's definitely a conspiracy going on where designers are all going to the same ice-cream shop and strategizing. They know our favorite flavors too.

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