Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nature, it is good, non?

Happy EarthDay! OR as the French would say...."Nature, it is good, non?"

Well maybe not all the French would say that but Aurélie Bidermann certainly wouldn't disagree. She loves this planet and she's got the accessories to prove it: from a giant spider pendant and lionshead bracelet to a coral choker or real swan feathers all coated in one of nature's elements - gold. She is even trained in gemology! This femme knows her earth to the core.

In earth's honor, or rather, in my excitement I Spotted. two lovely Aurélie-esque pieces. While I would love to buy from her collection it would truly give me a Run. for my money! So here's to all things earthly (that includes you, me, and Aurélie).

Style. Gold Elephant Bracelet by Aurelie Bidermann ($500). Spot. Cable and gold elephant bracelet Run. $6

Style. Leaf Bracelet by Aurelie Bidermann (Price unknown) Spot. Sterling Silver Leaf Bracelet Run. $6
Photo: Candy Pratt's Fall 2010 Accessory Report

Bonne Journee De La Terre!

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  1. Love the theme of this post. Eco-friendly/Earth inspired jewelry is very on trend right now, it's nice to see some pieces even I could afford!



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